Damixa Osier köögisegisti, pesumasina kraaniga, väljatõmmatava otsaga, kroom

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Kitchen Mixer

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Claus Rosager Nielsen

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Classic minimalist design

Modern design meets classical in Osier. A range of elegant taps with a tight, minimalist look. Exactly in line with Danish and Scandinavian design tradition. With its chrome or steel surface, Osier stands out from the crowd and is available with a classic, curved spout or a modern L-shaped spout. All Osier kitchen taps are available with pull-out spouts.

How we created Osier

The designer of Osier is Claus Rosager Nielsen. He is both designer and vice president of research & development at Damixa.

“The idea of giving Osier both a curved and L-shaped spout was to combine classical with modern design. In general, Osier follows the plain and simple lines to create a tight and minimalist feel. But with the option of the classic curved spout, a slightly different feel is achieved on the whole. So it’s up to the customer to choose,” says Claus Rosager Nielsen.

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  • Eco-Save water saving feature
  • Cold-start
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  • Rub-clean aerator
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  • Twist & Save
  • Pööratav jooksutoru.
  • 120° pöördepiiraja.
  • Kummiaeraator – lihtne puhastada.
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  • Pööratav jooksutoru.
  • 120° pöördepiiraja. 
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