Damixa köögisegisti VENUS, kroom

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Köögisegisti, sisaldab X-ChangeTMühendust

  • Artikli number 16047
  • Viimistlused Kroom, Teras
  • Standardfunktsioonid 
  • Keraamiline tööorgan.
  • Veesäästu funktsioon Eco-Klik.
  • Pööratav jooksutoru.
  • 120° pöördepiiraja. 


Kitchen Mixer

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Martin Merge

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As beautiful as a swan

Venus is proof that even modern design can be renewed. The characteristically large handle makes Venus an iconic tap, impossible not to fall for. As irresistible and beautiful as a swan. This kitchen tap is also available with a steel surface.

German designer Martin Merge designed the Venus range for Damixa.

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Kitchen Mixer with X-ChangeTMConnector Kit

  • Article no.: 90047
  • Finishes: Chrome
  • Standard Features:
  • Ceramic cartridge
  • Scalding protection (38ºC)
  • Eco-Save water saving feature
  • Cold-start
  • Swivel spout
  • 120° swivel limitation
  • Rub-Clean
Tootekood: D9004700 ,   Tarneaeg: 7-21 päev
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Köögisegisti, sisaldab X-ChangeTMühendust

  • Artikli number 18087
  • Viimistlused Kroom, Teras
  • Standardfunktsioonid 
  • Keraamiline tööorgan.
  • Põletuskaitsega
  • Veesäästu funktsioon Eco-Save.
  • Külm start.
  • Pööratav jooksutoru.
  • 120° pöördepiiraja.
  • Kummiaeraator – lihtne puhastada.
Tootekood: D1808700 ,   Tarneaeg: 7-14 päeva
188,00 €

Mora MMIX K7 with dish washer valve

Mora MMIX combines elegance and ergonomic design with energy-efficiency. Soft geometric curves and a timeless style characterise the entire Mora MMIX range. The mixers were developed according to our unique EcoSafe™ concept focusing on low energy consumption and long-term environmental care.

Technical information 

  • ESS (energy saving system)
  • Ceramic cartridge with soft closing function
  • Adjustable flow control and temperature limiter
  • Eco (energy and water saving aerator)
  • Soft PEX® hoses with 3/8" connecting nut (stainless steel braided)
  • Swivel spout, limitation part for 60°, 85°, 110° or 360° included
  • With dish washer valve, switchable between cold and hot water. Pre-set on cold water
  • Lead Free material
Tootekood: FMO-732071 ,   Tarneaeg: 14-21 päeva
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Halskov & Dalsgaard


Slim. Scandinavian. Attractive.

With its pure, inviting design Silhouet fits beautifully in the kitchens and bathrooms of today as well as tomorrow. For the bathroom sink, Silhouet is available in three different heights to ensure you can also use it with a tall, tabletop mounted vessel sink. The stylish Silhouet shower system features a showerhead that due to its ultra slim design appears to hover for an even more sophisticated look. Silhouet is the essence of timeless Scandinavian design and outstanding Damixa quality.

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