Ingo-Ped desinfitseerimise dosaator 7500ml

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ingo-ped foot sprayer with two spray nozzles, for 7.5 l alcoholic foot dinsinfectant, with wall plate for surface mounting


Foot operation  
Filling Volume (ml)
7500 ml  
215x395x404 (WxHxD in mm)  
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Touchless dispenser of alcoholic disinfectant, 1000 ml, stainless steel, gound, door white powder coated (RAL 9010), autoclavable stainless steel pump with exact spray cone, adjustable dosage (approx. 0.75/ 1.0/ 1.2 /1.5 ml), hygienic spray chamber, integrated drip tray, incl. HDPE-bottle and 5 Alkaline D-cell batteries. With contact switching: Door opens after dispenser actuation.

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80 x 245 x 220 mm
500 ml bottle

  • Disinfectant dispenser in robust, germ-reducing and easy-care stainless steel (AISI 304).
  • Half-open stainless steel housing; visible surfaces satin finished and brushed. 
  • Elbow-operated disinfectant pump, can be set to different levels and autoclaved. 
  • Designed for standard 500 ml disposable bottles of disinfectant. 
  • Accessible for refilling from the front side. Lockable cover plate in stainless steel as an option for a surcharge. 
  • Further accessories for a surcharge: drip tray
  • Wear parts can be replaced as modules.
  • Mounting: With three screws through holes in the back wall. 
  • Delivery includes fixing material.
  • Weight (in kg): 1,0
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IMP ELS  - IMP T P Warning Colour

Soap-/disinfectant dispenser for disposable bottles as well as refillablecontainers and hygiene packages, aluminium housing, powder-coated warning colours, short operating lever, 1000 ml 

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Multifunctional touchless faucet, water and soap in one unit, countertop integration.
Simple Touchless operation, the untouchable™ makes use of an elegant infrared interface, operated through a simple process: select above, receive under. By swiping above the untouchable™ - in any direction - the dispenser cycles through the available liquids. When a desired liquid is selected, the hand is simply placed under the faucet. Compatible with 1,000 ml standard Euro bottles, suitable for low-viscosity soaps and lotions, refillable using bottles with wide neck, dosage (depending on viscosity): soap approx. 2 ml, value can be changed on request before delivery

Stainless steel, ground    
1000 ml    
Liquid soaps    
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Desinfektandi dosaator Mediclinics 1.5L R-V teras, epoxy valge

250 x 110 x 175 mm

• Spray soap dispenser of 1.5 L capacity, manufactured in stainless steel AISI 304, 0,8 mm thick, to be installed directly on the wall and lever-operated by means of an stainless steel lever.

• Available in four finishes (white, black, bright and satin) these foam soap dispenser models have a functional, robust and trendy design that matches the new range of Mediclinics bathroom accessories. This allows this soap dispenser to blend into any space perfectly.

• Suitable for high traffic facilities and for public use.

• Dispenses liquid disinfectant soaps.

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