Подставка/ тарелочка декор Frost BOWL 170 , d171mm нержавеющая сталь золото

Артикул: FRON4170-GO
Единица: шт
Время доставки: 14-21 день
49,00 €
Кол-во: - +
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Small bowl for decoration or small things. Available in 6 finishes. Can be mixed with the vase and bowls in other sizes. N4170

Height: 21mm
Diameter: Ø171mm
Weight: 0,25 kg.
Design: Bønnelycke mdd
Material: Stainless steel
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Артикул: D3707177 ,   Время доставки: 14-21 день
529,20 € (10%)
588,00 €
Mobile clothes stand for wardrobe, conference or hotel. Bottom plate for shoes and bags can be purchased separately.
Height: 1560mm
Width: 1038mm
Depth: 450mm
Weight: 18 kg.
Designer: Bønnelycke mdd
Material: Steel
Артикул: FROU6005-GW ,   Время доставки: 14-21 день
729,00 €
Wall mounted soap dispenser. 200ml. The different finishes make it easy to match with existing bathroom or kitchen interior or to brighten up a classic room with small spots of color and personality.
Height: 196mm
Width: 63mm
Depth: 100mm
Diameter: Ø63mm
Weight: 1 kg.
Designer: Bønnelycke mdd
Material: Stainless steel
Артикул: FRON1939-GO ,   Время доставки: 14-21 день
309,00 €
Shampoo shelf
Height: 48mm
Width: 360mm
Depth: 120mm
Weight: 1,5 kg.
Designer: Bønnelycke mdd
Material: Stainless steel
Артикул: FRON1937-1-GO ,   Время доставки: 14-21 день
269,00 €
Height: 151mm
Diameter: Ø50/Ø92mm
Weight: 0,3 kg.
Designer: Bønnelycke mdd
Артикул: FRON5090-GO ,   Время доставки: 14-21 день
82,00 €