Delabie бесконтактный электронный смеситель TEMPOMATIC MIX PRO 6V

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TEMPOMATIC MIX PRO electronic mixer 
Ref. 495257

Deck-mounted electronic basin mixer: 
Independent IP65 electronic control unit. 
Battery-operated with 123 6V Lithium batteries. 
Flow rate pre-set at 4 lpm at 3 bar, can be adjusted from 1.5 - 6 lpm. 
Scale-resistant flow straightener. 
Adjustable duty flush (pre-set flush ~60 seconds every 24 hours after last use). 
Shock-resistant infrared presence detection sensor. 
Chrome-plated solid brass body with fixing reinforced by 2 stainless steel rods. 
PEX flexibles with filters and solenoid valves M3/8". 
Swivelling spout with smooth interior (reduces bacterial development). 
Removable spout for cleaning. 
Anti-blocking security. 
Side temperature control with ergonomic long lever and adjustable maximum temperature limiter. 
Solenoid valves upstream of the mixing chamber.
Suitable for people with reduced mobility.



TEMPOMATIC MIX PRO electronic mixer 
Ref. 495257

Supply 6V battery
Connector M3/8"
Technology Electronic
Drop height 310mm
Spout length 200mm
Flow rate 4 lpm


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• Winner of a Red Dot Design Award!

• Holds approx. 9,5 dl liquid soap (= 800-950 doses).

• Battery-operated. Connection to power supply via a transformer.

• An intelligent sensor automatically sets the best sensor range. 

• LED light indicates when dispenser is in use.

• Comes in trendy matt black and classic white as standard. 

• Also available in all RAL colours and coated with different prints. 

• Top plate in 6 optional standard designs

• 2-year warranty.


Product number: 3050 / EAN no. 5-709818-030500
Technical data:
Touch-free soap dispenser for liquid soap/disinfectant. White-painted steel housing (RAL 9003, gloss 60). Equipped with top plate. Capacity: 9,5 dl. Battery-operated.
Dimensions H: 330 mm, W: 139 mm, D: 127 mm
Net Weight: 2.3 kg
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