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Presto Sanifirst комплект TOUCH MASTERMIX 75700 смеситель с термостатом

Артикул: P75954
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Время доставки: 14-21 день
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Presto Sanifirst комплект TOUCH MASTERMIX 75700  смеситель с термостатом

Presto komplekt Sanifirst TOUCH MASTERMIX 75700 thermotaadiga dušisegisti


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> The Product Benefits

Innovative association of a specific ceramic cartridge and a thermostatic cartridge: safety and reliability. Without DHW/DCW cross-connection
Without check valve
Cold body: anti-scalding insulation
Body with a smooth interior: limits the risk of bacterial development (legionella, pseudomonas, etc.) Intuitive control units
Temperature limiter (41 ° C) and maximum flow rate stop limiter
Temperature maintenance and anti-scalding safety
Quick and easy assembly and maintenance
Secure thermal shock: accessible only by technical services
Eccentric fittings with 1/4 turn shut-off valves integrated into the product
Body with docking to the partition: optimized cleaning of all contact surfaces

> Anti-scalding safety

Temperature knob with temperature limiter at 41 ° C. Unlocking secured for thermal shock and accessible only by technical services without removing the knob.

> Anti-bacterial proliferation safety

Unique DHW and DCW no cross-connection system, produced by the association of a specific ceramic cartridge and a thermostatic cartridge compliant to NF EN 1111.

> Model

Shower mixer, downward outlet, wall mounted
Span 150 mm (+/-) 10 mm
Ceramic cartridge and thermostatic cartridge compliant to NF EN 1111

> Flow rate

Factory set to 9 L / min at 3 bar
Maximum flow rate adjustable to 6 - 9 - 12 L / min by the technical staff

> Recommended pressure

3 bar - avoid pressure differences greater than 1 bar between DHW and DCW. Minimum pressure: 1 bar.
Maximum pressure: 5 bar.

> Material

Chrome-plated zamak.

> Connection

Connection exclusively using a fixing plate with M G'1 / 2 connection 150 +/- 10mm span integrating shut-off valves, filtration and acoustic connection (supplied).

> Delivred with:

1-jet handshower ref 75279
wall support ref 75303
anti-stagnation connector ref 60568 smooth gray hose Lg 850 mm ref 75524

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