Поднимающаяся рукоятка 700mm AISI304

Артикул: WAG-BF670S 700mm
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Артикул: WAG-BA010 ,   Время доставки: 14 дней
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Keraamiline tööorgan

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Technical specifications

Dimensions 825 x 807 x 100 mm

Bar and leg diameter Wall plate thickness Ø 32 mm 3,0 mm

Paper roll dispenser diameter Ø 10 mm


Артикул: MBGA0820C ,   Время доставки: 14 -21 день
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  1. Components y materials

    •   FOLDING BAR: folded in a trapezoidal shape and manufactured with a 32 mm diameter AISI 304 stainless steel tube satin finish. Both bar ends are welded to the vertical column, made of a 32 mm diameter stainless steel AISI 304 tube. The grip zones of the bar have a safety anti-slip finish to improve the user safety. It incorporates a paper roll holder 120 mm length, made of a 6 mm diameter AISI 304 stainless steel rod.

    •   WALL MOUNTING PLATE: made of an AISI 304 stainless steel satin finish rectangular plate of 125 x 100 mm and 10 mm thick. It incorporates four Ø 8 mm countersunk holes, to fix the bar to the wall.

    •   FLOOR MOUNTING PLATE: made of an AISI 304 stainless steel satin finish circular plate of Ø 75 mm and 5 mm thick. It incorporates three Ø 7 mm countersunk holes to fix the bar on the floor.

    •   UNLOCK HANDLE: made of black thermoplastic.

BG0089CS Satin finish

Technical specifications


Grab bar and column diameter Wall mounting plate thickness Floor mounting plate thickness Paper roll holder diameter

700 x 835 x 100 mm

Ø 32 mm 10.0 mm 5.0 mmØ 6.0 mm

Артикул: MBG0089CS ,   Время доставки: 7 -14 дней
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Made of aluminium, scratch-resistant powder coating with antibacterial protection, available in Cavere colours, with trigonometric contour for ergonomic support and grip, space-saving, centrically aligned mounting, left or right hand application, with durable maintenance-free, friction
bearings, with adjustable brake, easy installation or dismantling due to
connecting to base plate, base plate, made of stainless steel for balanced wall mounting,concealed screw fixing, can be fitted with paper roll holder

7449 110, maximum loading permitted: 100 kgs,


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