AZP Brno адаптор 1-3 потребителя

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ZAC 1/20, ZAC 1/50, ZAC 1/36L

power supply


ZAC is a safe source of voltage supply intended to power automatic sanitary equipment made by AZP Brno, Ltd. 

The source of power supply consists of a safety transformer produced in accordance with ČSN IEC 742+A1 standards. All kinds of sensors can be connected to these sources in random combinations, as can other devices with a supply voltage of 12 V, 50 Hz (total power requirement either 20 VA, 50 VA or 36 VA). 

ZAC 1/20 and ZAC 1/50 are independent sources, 1/36L ZAC is the source for the location on the DIN-rail (4 modules).


Version types
ZAC 1/20 - source of power supply with output 20 VA
ZAC 1/50 - source of power supply with output 50 VA
ZAC 1/36L - source of power supply with output 36 VA
Source of power supply can be placed at a maximum distance of 30 m from the connected appliance. 
Basic technical information
Input voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz
Output voltage: 12 V, 50 Hz
Power requirement: 20 VA (ZAC 1/20)
  50 VA (ZAC 1/50)
  36 VA (ZAC 1/36L)
Electricity protection: IP 55 (ZAC 1/20, ZAC 1/50)
  IP 20 (ZAC 1/36L)
Weight: 0,8 kg (ZAC 1/20, ZAC 1/36L)
  1,2 kg (ZAC 1/50)
Requirements for setting up the construction
ZAC 1/20, ZAC 1/50
  1. Set-up supply of electricity 230 V,50 Hz – cable CYKY 3Cx1,5
  2. Set-up niche for flush mounting – size as per installed source
  3. Distribution to each device is carried out by cable CYKY 2Ax1,5
ZAC 1/36 L
  1. It is installed on the DIN-rail - width of 4 modules
ZAC 1/20
ZAC 1/50
Product title
ZAC 1/20 - 
power supply for up to 3 devices - 230V, 50Hz
ZAC 1/50 - 
power supply for up to 8 devices - 230V, 50Hz
ZAC 1/36L - 
power supply for up to 6 devices - 230V, 50Hz

ZAC 1/20, ZAC 1/50, ZAC 1/36L

источники безопасного питаниа


ZAC – источники безопасного питания автоматических элементов управления предметов сантехники компании AZP Brno. 

Источники содержат предохранительный трансформатор, изготовленный в соответствии с нормой ?SN IEC 742+A1. К источнику могут быть подсоединены все виды датчиков в любой комбинации или другие устройства, действующие от питающего напряжения 12 В, 50 Гц, с суммарной потребляемой мощностью до 20 ВА, 50 ВА или 36 ВА. 

ZAC 1/20, ZAC 1/50 отдельные источники, ZAC 1/36L для установки на DIN рейку м распределителю - 4 модули.


Источники можно уставить максимально 30 м от питаемого продукта.

Типовые варианты
ZAC 1/20 - источник напряжения с потребляемой мощностью 20 ВА
ZAC 1/50 - источник напряжения с потребляемой мощностью 50 ВА
ZAC 1/36L - источник напряжения с потребляемой мощностью 36 ВА
Источник питания может располагаться на расстоянии не более 30 м от питаемого изделия. 
Основные технические характеристики 
Входное напряжение: 230 В, 50 Гц
Выходное напряжение: 12 В, 50 Гц
Мощность: 20 ВА (ZAC 1/20)
  50 ВА (ZAC 1/50)
  36 BA (ZAC 1/36L)
Класс электрозащиты: IP 55 (ZAC 1/20, ZAC 1/50)
  IP 20 (ZAC 1/36L)
Вес: 0,8 кг (ZAC 1/20, ZAC 1/36L)
  1,2 кг (ZAC 1/50)
Требования к установке
ZAC 1/20, ZAC 1/50
  1. Подготовлена подача электрической энергии 230 В,50 Гц – кабель CYKY 3Cx1,5
  2. В случае «утопленного» монтажа должна быть подготовлена ниша – размер зависит от установленного источника.
  3. Распределительная сеть к отдельным устройствам с использованием кабеля CYKY 2Ax1,5
ZAC 1/36L
  1. Установуется в распределителю на DIN рейку - ширина 4 модулы
ZAC 1/20
ZAC 1/50
Наименование продуктов
ZAC 1/20 - 
источник питания для 3устройств - 230В, 50 Гц
ZAC 1/50 - 
источник питания для 8 устройств - 230В, 50 Гц
ZAC 1/36L - 
источник питания на рейку для макс. 6 устройств - 230В, 50 Гц
Совместимые продукты

AUS 11

Pressure button-controlled shower for heat regulated water




AUS 11 is a new type of shower fitting for single shower control. The fitting is designated for premixed water – with one water inlet and shower outlet elbow. Water is released and closed by an anti-vandal pressure button connected to electronics and an electromagnetic valve. The fitting is covered by a rust-free anti-vandal cover to prevent damage. 

The mounting system has been designed so as to make removing the cover without using tools impossible with no bolt or screw being visible. The cover can be "pushed into" the wall level even if the mount box has been walled to an incorrect depth. 

AUS 11 is identical to AUS 1P with a different design and very resistant cover sheet. 

Electronics can work in two modes: 

1) The button works on the START/STOP basis – water release/closing. If the water is not turned off upon the time adjusted by the user or manager (e.g. 20 seconds), the electronic system itself instructs water stopping. The user must press again to start water running. This significantly saves water as the user reduces the showering time. 

2) The button works on the START/STOP basis. After the time adjusted by the manager (e.g. 3 minutes) expires there is a forced break when water cannot be released. During this time, the user is forced to leave the shower or wait. This prevents needless showering – water wasting. 


Basic technical information
Water input: G 1/2“
Water pressure: 1 - 10 Bar (0,1 – 1,0 MPa)
Time of water flow: 10 s – 42,5 min in mode 1
  0 s - 42,5 min in mode 2
Power supply: 12 V, 50 Hz
Power requirement: 6 VA
Source of power supplz: ZAC 1/20 (max. 3× AUS 11)
  ZAC 1/50 (max. 8× AUS 11)
Weight: 2,0 kg
Requirements for setting up the construction
  1. Water installation set up as per picture
  2. Set-up alcove 150 x 75 mm for installation casket
  3. Set-up cable for power supply – 12 V, 50 Hz from source of power supply ZAC
Complete delivery
  • installation casket
  • input and output bolting
  • electromagnetic valve
  • spherical valve
  • covering metal plate with piezo button
  • electronics
Made to order
  • SP 1 – shower arm with water flow of 9 l/min
  • SP 2 – shower arm with water flow of 7 l/min
  • SP 3 – shower arm with water flow of 7 l/min
  • ZAC - source of power supply 12V, 50Hz
A - water inlet G 1/2"
C - electricity supply cable 12 V, 50 Hz 
G - water outlet into shower armG 1/2"
Download information about the product
AUS 11 data for projectants - ( 84 kB )
Артикул: AZP-AUS 11 ,   Время доставки: 3-4 недели
312,00 €
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  • With approved non-return valves
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Basin internal diameter: 310mm.

Cut-out diameter: 330mm for installation from above, 310mm for installation from below.

Bacteriostatic 304 stainless steel.

Polished satin finish.

Stainless steel thickness: 1mm. One-piece, seam-free pressed bowl.

Rounded edges prevent injury. Supplied with 1¼" waste. Without overflow.

CE marked.

Complies with European standard EN 14688. Weight: 1.5kg.

[Formerly ref: 0213470201]

Артикул: DE-120470 ,   Время доставки: 14-21 день
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> Working pressure :

1 to 5 bar

> Flow :

10 l/min with integrated flow limiter
Hand-held shower on rail with chrome plated slide

> Hydraulic supply :

G 1/2" (15x21), top or rear water inlet. For rear water inlet, we recommend to use the adaptation kit under the reference 91026. On single control mixer tap with ceramic disks

> Material :

Anodised aluminium extruded section (2.5mm thickness) Aluminium removable valve plate, peinted RAL 7005 colour High resistance RAL 7005 coloured ABS covers

> Functioning:

Wide opening panel without the need to dismantle from the wall and shower taps on a removable valve plate

> Thermal resistance :

Resistant to a temperature of 75°C for 30-minute-thermal-shocks

> Security :

Adjustable tamper-proof temperature limiter to prevent scalding

> Delivered with :

1/2" hoses with revolving nuts
MM 1/2" (15x21) straight stop valves and 250 micron filters Fastening screws and instruction manual

> Standards & approvals :

Brass body in accordance with EN 1982, EN 12164, EN 12165 Chrome-plated surface treatment in accordance with EN 12540 200-hour neutral salt spray resistant (NSS) in accordance with ISO 9227

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