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Бесконтактный водяной кран+дозатор для мыла MWS straight

Артикул: OPH-5400006
Единица: шт
Время доставки: 7-14 дней
1317,60 €
Kuumakse alates: 113,25 €
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Бесконтактный водяной кран+дозатор для мыла  MWS straight

Multifunctional touchless faucet, water and soap in one unit, countertop integration.
Simple Touchless operation, the untouchable™ makes use of an elegant infrared interface, operated through a simple process: select above, receive under. By swiping above the untouchable™ - in any direction - the dispenser cycles through the available liquids. When a desired liquid is selected, the hand is simply placed under the faucet. Compatible with 1,000 ml standard Euro bottles, suitable for low-viscosity soaps and lotions, refillable using bottles with wide neck, dosage (depending on viscosity): soap approx. 2 ml, value can be changed on request before delivery

Stainless steel, ground    
1000 ml    
Liquid soaps    


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