Damixa кухонный смеситель Space 1007000 с высокой трубкой хром

Артикул: D10070000
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Время доставки: 7-14 дней
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Damixa кухонный смеситель Space 1007000 с высокой трубкой хром


Kitchen Mixer

Article no.: Finish: Series:

1007000 EAN no.: 5708516823582 Chrome

Standard features:

1 handle
120° swivel limitation
Ceramic cartridge
Water consumption max.12 l/min


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Twin hole pillar-mounted mixer - 100 lpm 
Ref. 5603

Twin hole mixer, M3/4" with 150mm centres on pillar mounts for plunge sinks. 
Swivelling, tubular spout Ø 22mm H. 380mm L. 300mm. 
Star-shaped, brass flow straightener. 
Water-free, guided valve heads with reinforced mechanisms. 
Shock-resistant ergonomic ball levers. 
Flow rate 100 lpm at 3 bar suitable for plunge sinks.
Full flow rate within the first 90°.
Spout with smooth interior.
One-piece body and spout in chrome-plated brass.
Reinforced fixings and recessed inlets. 

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Damixa Silhouet 7408679 кухонный смеситель матовая латунь PVD

Kitchen Mixer brushed brass pvd

Article no.:



Brushed Brass PVD




Halskov & Dalsgaard

Артикул: D7408679 ,   Время доставки: 7-14 дней
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Pre-rinse set with mixer 
Ref. G6632

Complete pre-rinse set with bib tap. 
Single hole deck mounted mixer with: 
- Valve head with control knob. 
- F3/8" flexible connectors and non-return valves. 
- Reinforced fixing via 2 threaded rods and back-nuts. 
Bib tap with telescopic, swivelling spout L. 200 - 290mm.
- 20 lpm flow rate at the outlet. 
- Valve head with control knob. 
White, scale-resistant M1/2" hand spray with adjustable jet and 9 lpm flow rate at the outlet. 
White, reinforced, food-grade flexible hose L. 0.95m. 
3/4" brass column. 
Adjustable wall bracket. 
Stainless steel spring guide. 



Pre-rinse set with mixer 
Ref. G6632

Connector F3/8"
Height 1105 - 1225mm
Drop height 90 - 330mm
Flow rate 20 lpm
Width to the wall 35 - 162mm
Finish Chrome-plated brass
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