Maestro, CHEF кухонная лейка-наконечник 1/2"

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Ref: 70838 - Ergonomic rinsing head – adjustable 2 jets – G 1/2 ’


Shot blasted: non-slippery with wet gloves
Ergonomic shape and length of the handle: for better grip
Wetting jet: to rinse the dishes
Concentrated spray: to stain dishes
Black and chrome bi-color design: limits the risk of visible stains
Ergonomic hand shower with continuous flow function, and gripping surface limiting the risk of burns. End piece to absorb shocks.
Blocking hook to avoid MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders)

> Recommended working pressure:

1 to 5 bars

> Flow rate:

12L / min at 3 bar

> Hydraulic supply:

G 1/2 '' (15x 21)

> Material and color of finish:

Chromed brass body
Chromed zamak handle
Injected metal hook
Handle and jet outlet in technical polymer resistant to impact, temperature and compatible with drinking water

> Thermal resistance:

Withstands a temperature of 75 ° C for 30 minutes (in the context of thermal shock).

> Delivered with:

NF check valve

> Standards and approvals:

Chromed brass body compliant with standards NF EN1982 / NF EN 12164 / NF EN 12165 Nickel-Chrome surface treatment according to NF EN12540
Resistance to neutral salt spray (NSS): 200 h according to NF ISO 9227


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Mechanical mixer set and column with retracting hand spray 
Ref. 2599

Mechanical mixer set and column with retracting hand spray. 
Retracting hand spray with 2 jet options: flow straightener/rain effect. 
Swivelling column H. 250mm L. 220mm. 
Ø 35mm ceramic cartridge with pre-set maximum temperature limiter. 
Mixer body and column with smooth interior. 
Flow rate 12 lpm at 3 bar. 
Sculptured control lever. 
Mixed water brass outlet L. 160mm. 
BIOSAFE flexible shower hose reduces bacterial proliferation: transparent polyurethane flexible hose, smooth interior and exterior, low water volume (interior Ø 6mm). 
Special counterweight.
Chrome-plated brass body. 
F⅜" PEX flexibles and reinforced fixing via 2 stainless steel rods. 

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