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Mediclinics дозатор для бумажных полотенец, рулон MAX250mm сталь белый

Артикул: MDT0303
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• Manual centre feed paper towel dispenser, surface mounted, designed and manufactured by Mediclinics.

• Robust and vandal-resistant, these dispensers are designed to be installed in any type of public washroom with high traffic of people. Models for a more efficient use of the paper and suitable for different washroom environments: gymnasiums, sports centers, hospitals and health centers, restaurants and similar type of installations; solutions even for use in different places.

• All these models have a front sliding door, especially designed for an easy paper replacement. They have been designed to facilitate and optimize the rational use of the paper, such as for example the toothed paper outlet that facilitates the paper cutting.

• All Mediclinics paper tower dispensers are supplied with a lock and special key for opening and screws.


Technical specifications

Dimensions  261x376x261mm

Paper roll capacity MAX d270mm

Paper height Max 270mm

Thickness of metal components 0.8mm

Weight (empty) 3.1


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Seinale paigaldatav prügikast

Diameeter 380mm

Sügavus 110mm

Mahtuvus 8liitrit/60-90 lehte

Koti mõõt 50x40CM

Koosneb :

Rõngas :poleeritud kroom, naturaalne messing.

harjatud kroom, harjatud R/V teras või 14 rinevat


Mahuti materjal :värvitud PC/ABS



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