Мусорный бак для сортировки отходов CUBATRI 40L белый/белый RAL9016 стаканчики

Артикул: RO55855
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Prügikast 40L prügi sorteerimisalus. 

Cubatri Rossignoli rida. Rossignoli cubatri sorteerimismahuti on 40L. 
Kuubatri sorteerimisalune muutub sorteerimisprügiks, kui valite selle teiste prügikastidega.
Sorteerimise saared on võimalik kõrvuti või tagasi.
Prügikasti tühjendamine on mugav tänu integreeritud taaskasutatud polüpropüleeni sisemisele alusele.
Ava on esiküljel ja sorteerimisklemmil on push / pull avamissüsteem.
UV-pulbervärvitud teras.
Sorteerimistüübi kalibreeritud ava tunnus.
Värviline kate ja sildid uksel
4 reguleeritavat plastist jalga ebaühtlaste põrandate jaoks
Prügikasti paigaldamine suletud ruumi.
Kott 80L.
Mõõdud: H760 x P380 x L380 mm
Anti UV powder coated steel. 
Calibrated opening identification of sorting type. 
Color cover and signage on the door 
4 adjustable plastic feet for uneven floors 

Installation of the bin in a covered space. 
Bag of 80L. 
Dimension: H760 x P380 x L380 mm 

Waste bin 40L Sorting bin. Cubatri Rossignol line.The Rossignol cubatri sorting bin makes 40L. The cubatri sorting bin turns into a sorting bin if you dial it with other bins. The islands of sorting is possible side by side or back to back. Draining the trash can is convenient thanks to the integrated recycled polypropylene inner tray. The opening is on the front and the sorting terminal has the push / pull opening system. 

Совместимые продукты

For selective collection sticker. Resists terms of use exterior and interior. Sticks to all types of media. This batch of boards used to associate the type of waste to the color souhaitée.Dimension board 1 4 stickers: 160 x 160 mm, board 2 4 stickers: diam 110m and ironing 3 5 bands of colors 50 x 335mm and 5 38x47mm pictograms.

Артикул: RO50312 ,   Время доставки: 4-5 недель
34,20 € (5%)
36,00 €

H700 x P490 x L380 mm

Артикул: RO50313 ,   Время доставки: 4-5 недель
34,20 € (5%)
36,00 €
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    300 x 235 x 30 mm

    • Self-closing, flame-retardant waste deposit flap in robust, germ-reducing and easy-care stainless steel (AISI 304).
    • All-stainless steel construction; visible surfaces satin finished and brushed.
      Further available surfaces: see below.
    • No wearing parts, smooth closing by counterweight.
    • Mounting: Insert and glue into cutout.
    • Installation dimensions: 277 x 210 mm
    • Weight (in kg): 1,5
    satin finished (standard) 727230
    highly polished 731230
    (coloured) plastic powder - coating 728230
Артикул: WAG-WP154-1S ,   Время доставки: 7-21 день
288,00 €

H760 x P570 x L420 mm

Артикул: RO56188 ,   Время доставки: 4-5 недель
116,85 € (5%)
123,00 €

H760 x P570 x L420 mm

Артикул: RO56189 ,   Время доставки: 4-5 недель
116,85 € (5%)
123,00 €


298 x 598 x 140 mm
12 l

  • Waste bin in robust, germ-reducing and easy-care stainless steel (AISI 304).
  • All-stainless steel housing; all corners fully welded, visible surfaces satin finished and brushed.
    Further available surfaces: see below.
  • Equipped with removable mesh basket. Capacity approx. 12 l. Accessible through lockable door with self-closing, flame-retardant disposal flap. 
  • Also suitable for use as a hygiene waste bin with the optional plastic hygiene bin WP33. 
  • Keyed alike cylinder lock in corrosion-resistant zinc die-casting. 
  • Wear parts can be replaced as modules.
  • Mounting: With four screws through key holes and one optional anti-theft hole in the back wall. 
  • Delivery includes fixing material.
  • Weight (in kg): 5,7
Артикул: WAG-WP133S ,   Время доставки: 14 дней
396,00 €
THE FROST PEDAL BIN is a minimalist, durable and aesthetic pedal bin. Its modern and simple design fits into many public and private spaces, while adding personality and elegance to the bathroom, kitchen or office.
Height: 253mm
Depth: 300mm
Diameter: Ø230mm
Weight: 4,3 kg.
Designer: Bønnelycke mdd
Material: Stainless steel
Артикул: FRON3001-PB ,   Время доставки: 14-21 день
229,00 €