Полка с держателем для банных полотенец Mediclinics AURA Н/Р сталь чёрная

Артикул: MAI1323B
Единица: шт
Время доставки: 14-21 день
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• Bathroom towel rail with shelf, with four fixation points and a hidden wall mounting system, made of AISI 304 stainless steel, from Mediclinics’ Aura series.

• With an up-to-date design which brings elegance and creativity to your bathroom, this towel rail with shelf allows you to keep your towels tidy and nearby for a greater level of comfort when getting out of the shower.

• The high quality of the stainless steel makes this bathroom accessory very resistant and durable.

• Its four fixation points and hidden wall mounting system allow this bathroom towel rail with shelf to be securely fixed to the wall with the screws perfectly out of sight.

• An essential bathroom accessory, this towel rail is ideal for bathrooms in hotels, hospitals and nursing homes, as well as for your own home.

• Product suitable for public use.

• Includes stainless steel hardware for installation on brick walls.

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