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Урна напольная без крышки 49L Н/Р сталь AISI304

Артикул: B-2260
Единица: шт
Время доставки: 14-21 день
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Floor-Standing Waste Receptacle with Open Top


Satin-finish stainless steel. Open top. Vinyl wall bumper, rubber feet. Liner hooks. 13-gal. (49.2-L) capacity. Unit 13-3/8" x 13-3/8" (340 x 340mm) at top, 21-3/4" (553mm) high.



Optional Accessory

Vinyl Liner Part No.

2250-3 2250-3 N/A

Waste Receptacle — 22-gauge (0.8mm) stainless steel with satin finish. Equipped with vinyl bumper strip and rubber feet. Hooks are provided to attach optional, removable liner (not provided) to upper interior corners.

Cover — 22-gauge (0.8mm) stainless steel with satin finish. Two spring-loaded, self-closing doors, which have an international graphic symbol to identify waste disposal, are secured with full-length, stainless steel piano-hinges.


Entire cover is removable for easy servicing of receptacle. Vinyl bumper strip and rubber feet on waste receptacle protect wall and floor surfaces.

Designer’s Note: Vinyl liners for waste receptacle are available from Bobrick as an accessory. Check the chart above for correct liner part number to order.

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Rätikud max 260x100mm

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