Защита для мусорного пакета COLLEC PolyAL ETIK

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Entourage wood etik basket Rossignol. The slats of the surrounding trash are imitation wood. the slats are 100% recycled from food brick. This range is maintenance-free, recyclable at the end and avoids the felling of trees. The entourage adapts on Collecmur and Ecollecto. 
Only the etik surround is sold, the trash bag holder is sold separately. See complementary products. 


- Slats: PolyAl (food brick recycling) 
- Wall or pole mounting (mounting flanges supplied). 
- Opening in front for easy evacuation of the bag. 
- Complies with S54201 standard on finger jams. 
- Wall mounting plates and optional bag holder. 
- 110L bag. 


Height: 800 mm. 
Diameter: 470 mm.

Совместимые продукты

Rolling bag recycling bin with Rossignol blue selective sorting 110L. Extreme range. 
Hot-dip galvanized steel, anti-corrosion primer and anti-UV powder. 
Colors ultramarine blue RAL 5002. 
Extreme range warranty 3 years. 
Holding the bag by elastic belt. 
Mounting on wall or on post (ref: 57841). 
Solution to the Vigipirate plan. 
Bag 110L. 
Dimension: 470X420X120 

Optional accessories: 

Wall mounting plate 

• UV-Treated Steel / Thickness 2mm 
• Accessory for bags holders: Ecollecto, Collecmur, Collectrap, Tubo, Collecgrille and Collecbois 
• Easily fix the bag holder to the wall 

Ref. 57024 - Manganese gray 
Ref. 57025 - Raspberry RAL 1021 
Ref. 57026 - Foam green RAL 6005 
Ref. 57027 - Bleu outremer RAL 5002 
Ref. 57028 - Olive green RAL 6003 
Ref. 57029 - Hot-dip galvanized steel 

Entourage of supports 

Entourage softwood   57800 
Entourage grille gray manganese   57852 
Entourage grid green foam Ral 6505   57985 
Entourage galvanized steel   57970 
Entourage wired   57801 

Existing models standard, premium and extreme range: 

Manganese gray 57097 58256 57829 
Yellow rape RAL 1021 58207 58257 57828 
Green foam RAL 6005 57115 58254 57830 
Bleu outremer RAL 5002 57075 58253 57829 
Olive green RAL 6003 58208 58258 57832 
Hot-dip galvanized steel 57118 

Артикул: RO57829 ,   Время доставки: 4-6 недель
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212,00 €
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Calibrated opening identification of sorting type. 
Door with front opening "push" screen printed. 
65L Integrated Rolling Plastic Inner Tray. 
Anti-corrosion polypropylene pads prevent contact with the ground. 
Body of the gray manganese trash and yellow opening. 
Installation of the bin in a covered space. 
100L bag. 
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Артикул: RO56121 ,   Время доставки: 4-5 недель
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Calibrated aperture identification of sorting type. 
"Push" front door with screen printing. 
Built-in plastic 65L inner roller. 
Anti-corrosion polypropylene pads prevent contact with the ground. 
Body of the manganese gray bin and the red opening. 
Installation of the garbage can in covered space. 
Bag of 100L. 
Dimension: H760 x P620 x L380 mm 

Артикул: RO56122 ,   Время доставки: 4-5 недель
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670,00 €