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Delabie бесконтактный электронный смеситель 250mm 498MCHB M3/8" BINOPTIC MIX 6V матовый чёрный

Артикул: DE-498MCHB
Единица: шт
Время доставки: 14-21 день
1018,70 €
Kuumakse alates: 86,91 €
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BLACK BINOPTIC MIX electronic mixer

Ref. 498MCHB

Deck-mounted matte black electronic basin mixer:
Independent IP65 electronic control unit.
123 6V Lithium batteries.
Flow rate pre-set at 3 lpm at 3 bar, can be adjusted from 1.4 - 6 lpm.
Scale-resistant flow straightener.
Adjustable duty flush (pre-set flush 60 seconds every 24 hours after last use).
Active, infrared presence detection, sensor at the end of the spout optimises detection.
Chrome-plated brass body.
Matte black chrome finish.
PEX flexibles with filters and solenoid valves M⅜".
Fixing reinforced by 2 stainless steel rods.
Anti-blocking security.
Spout with smooth interior and low water volume (reduces bacterial development).
Side temperature control with adjustable maximum temperature and long lever.
Drop height 250mm for counter-top washbasins.
Suitable for people with reduced mobility.


BLACK BINOPTIC MIX electronic mixer

Ref. 498MCHB
Supply 6V batteries
Connector M3/8"
Technology Electronic
Drop height 250mm
Spout length 185mm
Flow rate 3 lpm
Finish Matte black chrome
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