Delabie бесконтактный электронный смеситель TEMPOMATIC MIX 3 6V

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TEMPOMATIC MIX 3 electronic mixer 
Ref. 492106LH

Deck-mounted electronic basin mixer: 
Battery-operated with integrated 223 6V Lithium batteries. 
Reduced-stagnation solenoid valve and electronic unit integrated into the body of the mixer. 
Flow rate pre-set at 3 lpm at 3 bar, can be adjusted from 1.5 - 6 lpm. 
Scale-resistant flow straightener. 
Duty flush (~60 seconds every 24 hours after last use). 
Active, infrared presence detection, sensor at the end of the spout optimises detection. 
Chrome-plated solid brass body. 
Cap fixed in place by 2 concealed screws, with pictogram to easily identify sensor. 
PEX flexibles F3/8" with filters non-return valves. 
Fixing reinforced by 2 stainless steel rods. 
Anti-blocking security. 
Side temperature control with long lever and adjustable maximum temperature limiter.
Suitable for people with reduced mobility.



TEMPOMATIC MIX 3 electronic mixer 
Ref. 492106LH

Supply 6V battery
Connector F3/8"
Technology Electronic
Drop height 100mm
Spout length 120mm
Flow rate 3 lpm


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Душевая панель PRESTO DL400SE на смешанную/холодную воду, 30 sek 3bar, алюминий стоп кран 1/2"

Vajutava nupuga duššipaneel


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30 sek. töötsükkel 3 bar

Range: Timed flow single tap for shower

Ref: 27400 - PRESTO DL 400 SE® single tap with straight stop valve



> Working pressure :

1 to 5 bar

> Flow :

8 l/min at 3 bar with integrated flow limiter (+ additional 6l/mn limiter) Anti-water-hammering design
Fixed shower head with anti-limescale spikes

> Flow time :

30 seconds (± 5 sec.)

> Hydraulic supply :

G 1/2" (15x21) Top water inlet with straight stop valve For cold or premixed water

> Material and colour finish :

Injected molded metal body and cover
Extruded cover in aluminium (magnesium-silicon alloy 6060)

> Thermal resistance :

Resistant to a temperature of 75°C for 30-minute-thermal-shocks

> Security :

Patented anti-blocking "S" system to avoid the water to flow continuously

> Delivered with :

VBA screws and nylon plugs Additional 6l/mn limiter
M G 1/2" - FG3/4" stop valve and filter Instruction manual

> Standards & approvals :

Acoustic class I
Molded chrome-plated body in accordance with EN 12540
200-hour neutral salt spray resistant (NSS) in accordance with ISO 9227

Артикул: P27400 ,   Время доставки: 7-14 дней
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• Winner of a Red Dot Design Award!

• Holds approx. 9,5 dl liquid soap (= 800-950 doses).

• Battery-operated. Connection to power supply via a transformer.

• An intelligent sensor automatically sets the best sensor range. 

• LED light indicates when dispenser is in use.

• Comes in trendy matt black and classic white as standard. 

• Also available in all RAL colours and coated with different prints. 

• Top plate in 6 optional standard designs

• 2-year warranty.


Product number: 3056 / EAN no. 5-709818-030562
Technical data:
Touch-free soap dispenser for liquid soap/disinfectant. Matt black steel housing (RAL 9005, gloss 3). Equipped with top plate. Capacity: 9,5 dl. Battery-operated.
Dimensions H: 330 mm, W: 139 mm, D: 127 mm
Net Weight: 2.3 kg
Артикул: DAN3056 92 ,   Время доставки: 14-21 день
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