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Изливная трубка на раковину, поворотная

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Jooksutoru pööratav, valamule


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Seinasegisti kroom 

Настенный смеситель для уборщицы с длинной ручкой

Idral Itaalia

Артикул: IDR-02400 ,   Время доставки: 7-14 дней
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Душевой комплект SPORT самовыключающийся с регулятором температуры KSA32/36 15sek

Душевой комплект


15 sek рабочий цикл


Артикул: IDR-KSA32/36 15 sek ,   Время доставки: 7 päeva
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The DAN DRYER SoapTap soap dispenser with automatic sensor for touch-free operation is a hygienic solution for all kinds of commercial washrooms. The dispenser features a minimalist, modern design and is an ideal build-in solution for automatic hand wash stations. 

The soap dispenser is part of a complete product range, which also includes hand dryer and water faucet. 

It is made in stainless steel with with satin finish, which makes it easy to clean. In addition, it requires very little maintenance. 



• Wall mounting

• For foam soap

• Capacity: 15 dl (1875-2500 doses).

• Power connection: AC (0,6V).

• Stainless steel with satin finish.

• Infra-red sensor and elektronic timer.

• 2-year warranty.






Артикул: DAN388 ,   Время доставки: 14-21 день
896,70 €

Бесконтактный водяной кран+дозатор для мыла+дозатор для дезинтификанта MWSD straight

Multifunctional touchless faucet, water and soap in one unit, countertop integration.
Simple Touchless operation, the untouchable™ makes use of an elegant infrared interface, operated through a simple process: select above, receive under. By swiping above the untouchable™ - in any direction - the dispenser cycles through the available liquids. When a desired liquid is selected, the hand is simply placed under the faucet. Compatible with 1,000 ml standard Euro bottles, suitable for low-viscosity soaps and lotions, refillable using bottles with wide neck, dosage (depending on viscosity): soap approx. 2 ml, value can be changed on request before delivery

Stainless steel, ground    
1000 ml    
Liquid soaps    
Артикул: OPH-5400008 ,   Время доставки: 7-14 дней
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