Питьевой фонтан настенный сенсорный для бассейнов Н/Р сталь AISI316(бассейны) 12V/50Hz

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AFO 01.Yst. steel sensor controlled drinking fountain

AFO 01.Y is st. stainless wall hung drinking fountain controlled by sensor. Water runs after disrupting the scanning zone.

Fountain is made by welding all components together. 

Fountain is suppplied with safety power 12 V, 50 Hz from power supply ZAC (AFO 01.Y) or with 4x AA battery (AFO 01.YB). 

Material is standardly st. steel AISI 304 or can be AISI 316 (AFO 01.Y.CL or AFO 01.YB.CL).

St. steel driking fountain AFO 01.Y is based on favourite model AFO 01 with manual control. 

The sensor, located on the right side of the fountain, is reacting on the approach of the user. Water starts to run from the nozzle, located in the middle of the fountain bowl, and runs over the time when the user´s head is in the scanning zone (max. 30 sec.) + preset time (max. 4 sec.) to clean the nozzle. 

Package contents

  • st. steel drinking fountain
  • nozzle
  • sensor and electronic
  • electromagnetic valve
  • connecting flexible hose
  • corner valve with filters
  • siphon
  • mounting material
water inlet G 1/2"
water pressure 1 - 10 Bar (AFO 01.Y; AFO 01.Y.CL)
  2 - 8 Bar (AFO 01.YB; AFO 01.YB.CL)
outlet d = 40 mm
bowl inner dimension d = 245 mm
weigth 4 kg
suppply 12 V, 50 Hz (AFO 01.Y; AFO 01.Y.CL)
  6 V - 4 x AA battery (AFO 01.YB; AFO 01.YB.CL)
power supply ZAC 1/20 (max. 3 x AFO 01.Y ; AFO 01.Y.CL)
Совместимые продукты

ZAC 1/20, ZAC 1/50, ZAC 1/36L

power supply


ZAC is a safe source of voltage supply intended to power automatic sanitary equipment made by AZP Brno, Ltd. 

The source of power supply consists of a safety transformer produced in accordance with ČSN IEC 742+A1 standards. All kinds of sensors can be connected to these sources in random combinations, as can other devices with a supply voltage of 12 V, 50 Hz (total power requirement either 20 VA, 50 VA or 36 VA). 

ZAC 1/20 and ZAC 1/50 are independent sources, 1/36L ZAC is the source for the location on the DIN-rail (4 modules).


Version types
ZAC 1/20 - source of power supply with output 20 VA
ZAC 1/50 - source of power supply with output 50 VA
ZAC 1/36L - source of power supply with output 36 VA
Source of power supply can be placed at a maximum distance of 30 m from the connected appliance. 
Basic technical information
Input voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz
Output voltage: 12 V, 50 Hz
Power requirement: 20 VA (ZAC 1/20)
  50 VA (ZAC 1/50)
  36 VA (ZAC 1/36L)
Electricity protection: IP 55 (ZAC 1/20, ZAC 1/50)
  IP 20 (ZAC 1/36L)
Weight: 0,8 kg (ZAC 1/20, ZAC 1/36L)
  1,2 kg (ZAC 1/50)
Requirements for setting up the construction
ZAC 1/20, ZAC 1/50
  1. Set-up supply of electricity 230 V,50 Hz – cable CYKY 3Cx1,5
  2. Set-up niche for flush mounting – size as per installed source
  3. Distribution to each device is carried out by cable CYKY 2Ax1,5
ZAC 1/36 L
  1. It is installed on the DIN-rail - width of 4 modules
ZAC 1/20
ZAC 1/50
Product title
ZAC 1/20 - 
power supply for up to 3 devices - 230V, 50Hz
ZAC 1/50 - 
power supply for up to 8 devices - 230V, 50Hz
ZAC 1/36L - 
power supply for up to 6 devices - 230V, 50Hz
Артикул: AZP-ZAC 1-20 ,   Время доставки: 3-4 недели
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  • Vandalismikindel, kest üleni metallist
  • ECO funktsioon (vett ja energiat säästev õhusti 5 l/min)
  • Aegreleega loputuse lõpetus üleujutamise vältimiseks
  • 30-sekundiline loputusaeg (anduriga)
  • Võimalik välja lülitada 60 sekundiks (näiteks puhastamiseks)
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  • Võimalik kuuma veega läbi loputada, et desinfitseerida legionella vastu
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  • Anduri automaatne kalibreering
  • Pärast seadistamist sobivale temperatuurile, on võimalik nupp asendada ehiskaanega
  • Kõiki mudeleid on võimalik kasutada nii 6V aku toitel või 12V vooluadapteriga
  • Võrguvoolu kasutamiseks on tarvis paigaldada vooluadapter 1623-0000 ja toide FMM 1619-4000 või teise võimalusena trafo FMM 1619-3000
  • Pehmed PEX® voolikud koos integreeritud tagasilöögiklappide ja filtritega (roostevabast terasest)
  • Ava läbimõõt Ø 33,5–37 mm

  • Reguleeritav maksimaalne temperatuur
  • Programmeeritav hügieeniloputuse funktsioon
  • Seadistatav loputusaeg

    Keskselt juhitav mudel:
  • Komplektis kaabel, millega on võimalik juhtida hügieeniloputust
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Артикул: FMA-16410000 ,   Время доставки: 7-14 дней
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Артикул: IDR-0151G12 ,   Время доставки: 7 дней
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FM Mattson незамерзающий садовый кран 400мм, с ключом ХОЛОДНАЯ+ГОРЯЧАЯ вода

Garden valve for cold and hot water

  • For cold and hot water
  • With approved non-return valves
  • Can be cut to suit wall thickness
  • Wall bracket: H=70 mm, W=180 mm, screw holes c/c 164 mm
Артикул: 4282-0050 ,   Время доставки: 7-14 дней
282,00 €

Product Information: 

Material: AISI 316 stainless steel 
Surface finish: Satin 320 grain or polished 
300 mm 285 mm 123 mm 
Product Specification: 
d line Cup dispenser wall mounted produced in AISI 316 satin or polished stainless steel. The design is characterized by simplicity and functionality, and the minimalistic exterior hides advanced technic that ensures the products strength and durability for many years. d line as Roholmsvej 12F DK-2620 Albertslund www.dline.com info@dline.com Product care: d line products are produced in the highest quality stainless steel, marine grade, AISI 316. To sustain the unique d line surface appearance please follow the below instructions:  Wash down the surfaces using soapy water or mild detergent  Always thoroughly rinse off with clean water  To complete the cleaning procedure dry/polish the surfaces with a soft dry cloth Please do not use scouring powder, steel wool, chloride based detergents or other aggressive cleaning products as these may damage the surface. If spots or corrosion appear on the surface it is not due to the stainless steel quality, but to impurities in the environment, aggressive conditions or improper or insufficient cleaning
Артикул: I14709902000 ,   Время доставки: 14 päeva
602,40 €