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Presto SO’O бесконтактный смеситель 3l/min батарейка 6V CRP2 PEX трубки+stop краны хром/белый

Артикул: P56208
Единица: шт
Время доставки: 14-21 день
689,30 €
Kuumakse alates: 59,25 €
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> Working pressure :

1 to 5 bar

> Flow :

3 l/min with integrated flow limiter
High quality anti-limescale aerator (new aerator since June 2016) Anti-water-hammering design

> Hydraulic supply :

G 3/8’’ (12x17)

> Power supply :

6 V lithium battery (CRP2 type) in a casing placed within the tap body

> Material and colour finish :

Chrome-plated metal alloy components Injected molded metal body and cover White cover

> Thermal resistance :

Resistant to a temperature of 75°C for 30-minute-thermal-shocks

> Security :

Temperature limiting system to avoid any risk of scalding
Anti-overflow security time: 30 seconds
Anti-blocking system preventing the water to flow continuously
Solenoid valve automatically shut down in case of power shortage or in case of sensor degradation

> Delivered with :

Instruction manual
2 Fastening nuts
1 Gasket and 1 Washer
2 PEX flexible hoses with F 3/8'' nut (12x17) and NF non-return valve 2 Straight stop valves G 3/8" (12x17)
2 Filter gaskets

> Standards & approvals :

Molded chrome-plated body in accordance with EN 12540
200-hour neutral salt spray resistant (NSS) in accordance with ISO 9227

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White back plate. RADA is a shoe rack with a minimalistic design. The unique design of Rada give the option to place the shoes in two different ways, where by it is suitable for lady shoes with high heels as well as trainers and boots.

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Seinale kinnituv käsiföön,



Toitelüliti ja polüpropüleenist suunaotsakuga föön

Toeküljes pistikuga juhe, 650-1800mm

ABS seinatugi

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Termokaitselülitiga mootor

Pinge 220V-240V

Sagedus 50/60 Hz

Elektroisaolatsioonini klass 2

Voolutarve 0,9-7A

Kaal 0,7 kg

Koguvõimsus 200-1800 W

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