Delabie писсуар L 1200mm антивандальный Н/Р сталь AISI304

Артикул: DE-130210
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L trough urinal 
Ref. 130210

Floor-recessed trough urinal. 
Bacteriostatic 304 stainless steel. 
Polished satin finish. 
Stainless steel thickness: 1.2mm.
Rear water inlet. Central drainage. 
Supplied with 2 stainless steel rinsers and 2 flexible hoses. 
Water saving: optimal rinsing with 0.1 L/sec. per service i.e. 0.3L per use. 
Waste outlet 11/2". Supplied with waste and integrated trap (ref. 785000). 
Weight: 25.4kg.



L trough urinal 
Ref. 130210

Height 1020mm
Length 300mm
Width 1200mm
Thickness 1.5mm
Finish 304 polished satin stainless steel


Схожие продукты

AUM 026 INV is a stainless steel, partly wall-built in washbasin, containing the combination of a liquid soap dispenser, water tap and hand dryer in a small space. The washbasin is adjusted to be used also by wheelchair persons – it is shallow, completed with handles, the waste is hidden behind the wall. Controlled by durable piezo-pushbuttons, electronically controlled turn-off (the period of water running is settable by the owner). The washbasin is to be mounted through the wall, all technology components are behind the wall, and thus cannot be damaged by users (anti-vandal design).

A wall-hanged version may be supplied to order, or a version without any of the functions (e.g. onlz water plus soap, or water plus dryer). The washbasin is made of AISI 304 stainless steel. A recommended cleaning agent for stainless products maintenance: Würth – preservation (order no. 0893 121 K), cleaning (order no. 893 121 1).

Basic technical information
Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz
IP protection: IP 55
Dimensions (visible from outside): 800 x 800 x 363 mm
Required thickness of wall: min. 100 mm
Outlet: d = 40 mm
Requirements for setting up the construction
  1. Opening in the wal 740 x 740 mm
  2. Prepared el. supply cable 3C x 1,5 s 230 V, 50 Hz
  3. Prepared water outlet according to technical scheme
Complete delivery
  • Stainless-steel washbasin with handles
  • Electronic hand dryer
  • Electronic soap dispenser
  • Electronic water tap
  • Through-wall frame with bolts
  • Waste with a stink trap
  • 230V / 12V source for the electronics
Артикул: AZP-AUM 026.TV INV ,   Время доставки: 3-4 недели
4300,00 €

Керамический писсуар Roca Zoom с радаром Sanela,  с интегрированным источником питания 230V/ AC



Urinal Roca Zoom with a radar flushing unit and integrated power supply, 230 V AC



  • economy flushing by 1 liter of water
  • easy installation by the help of paper drill template
  • whole flushing unit is placed behind the urinal
  • system reacts only on the direct use of the urinal (it analyses changes, which are proceeded inside of the urinal, when a liquid is flowing through)
  • adjustable flushing time 0,5 - 15,5 s
  • parameters adjustment by remote control SLD 04 without the necessity to dismantle the urinal from the wall (acoustic setting indication)
  • automatic flushing after each 6 hours non-use
  • possibility to regulate a water flow by the ball valve
  • radar flushing unit recharges a water to the siphon after each flushing
Code SLP 35RZ 
Order number 01355 

Supply specification

SLP 35RZ - Supply No. 01355 - ceramic urinal with the radar flushing unit on the mounting rail, electromagnetic valve, connecting hoses, angle valve with filter and check valve, inlet fitting with a rubber sealing, siphon, paper drill template, power supply

Technical information

Operating voltage: 230 V AC/50 Hz
Recommended flow pressure: 0,1 - 0,6 MPa
Rate of flow: 18 l/min (inf. data)
Water inlet: male thread G 1/2“
Water outlet: inlet fitting with a rubber sealing
Артикул: SA-SLP35RZ ,   Время доставки: 14-21 день
976,00 €

> Working pressure : 1 to 5 bar

> Volume of water delivered : Adjustable from 6 to 9 litres with stop valve Anti-water-hammering design

> Flow time : From 7 to 9 seconds

> Hydraulic supply : MM G 1"1/4 In line Outlet connection on flush pipe Ø 32 mm

> Material and colour finish : Body and cross-partition control in Brass Push Button in Brass, chrome finish

> Security : Anti-siphonic device

> Delivered with : 1 Ball valve integrated 1 cross partition control 15 to 200m 1 fitting out, 1 bent tube and 1 junction nozzle

> Standards & approvals : Brass body in accordance with EN 1982, EN 12164, EN 12165 Molded chrome-plated body in accordance with EN 12540 200-hour neutral salt spray resistant (NSS) in accordance with ISO 9227

Артикул: P13060 ,   Время доставки: 6-7 недель
398,53 €

Dushikomplekt anivandaalne 512S, 1-200mm


Артикул: P31186 ,   Время доставки: 14-21 день
427,00 €

Combi KOMPACT HW/CW - washbasin and floor-standing WC pan 
Ref. 161700

Combination unit: washbasin and floor-standing left hand WC pan with recessed toilet roll holder.
Wall-mounted installation with 3 access panels, 2 on the sides and 1 on the top, with theft prevention TORX security screws.
Bacteriostatic 304 stainless steel.
Polished satin finish.
Stainless steel unit thickness: 2mm.
Rounded corners and edges for improved safety.
Smooth surface for easy cleaning.
Suitable for prisons, police stations, etc.
WC pan is completely welded to washbasin, no screws: makes cleaning easier and prevents concealment of objects.
Washbasin equipped with time flow tap: stainless steel tamperproof push-button and anti-blocking system, 7-second time flow, M½".
Available with 2 buttons cold water/mixed water.
WC equipped with time flow flush valve, 7-second time flow, M¾".
Water inlet: washbasin M½", WC M¾".
Recessed horizontal water outlet: Ø 100mm.
Supplied with washbasin trap.
Easy to install: only one water outlet for both washbasin and WC, water inlet and outlet already connected.
Weight: 36kg.



Combi KOMPACT HW/CW - washbasin and floor-standing WC pan 
Ref. 161700

Height 1000mm
Length 735mm
Width 725mm
Thickness 2mm
Finish Polished satin 304 stainless steel
Артикул: DE-161700 ,   Время доставки: 4-6 недель
3751,50 €