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Kosmos käterätihark pööratav, valge

Kosmos käterätihark pööratav, valge

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Art Deco klaasihoidel+1 klaas, kroom
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Art Deco käterätihark, kroom
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Pööratav käterätipuu, d14mmx145mmx471mm, hall kinnitus, AISI316

The d line sanitary range by Knud Holscher combines cleanness in its lines with cleanliness in its function, and unlike our hardware collection of individual yet complimentary items, this series consists of fittings that form a cohesive whole. 

Wherever they appear, our sanitary products can be flexibly combined yet always provide the same uniform impression. In their technical design, installation and maintenance are key focuses, to meet the need for impeccable hygiene no matter how long they live in a space. 

Simple and modular, the d line sanitary range’s AISI 316 rust-resistant, non-corrosive, marine quality steel stands up to the high humidity levels of the bathroom, while its subtle curved edges and functional circular hole details are a nod to the bend in our first ever products, the L and U lever handles by Knud Holscher. 

Both internally and externally, every detail of every d line sanitary piece is rigorously tested for seamless functioning so that it endures. Then, assisted by the most cutting-edge machinery in our field, each is expertly crafted by hand.

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