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Tootekood: TM-100106
Ühik: tk
Tarneaeg: 5 nädalad
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KB200.  Horisontaalne. Seinale paigaldatav

Mõõtmed: 893 mm (laius) x 565 mm (kõrgus)

Sügavus: 102 mm (suletuna)

Väljaulatuvus: 589 mm (avatuna)

Värvitoon: kreemjas

Tootekood: BOB-KB200-00 ,   Tarneaeg: 7 päeva
404,55 € (7%)
435,00 €
Tootekood: BOB-KB110-SSWM-IN ,   Tarneaeg: 4 nädalad
2508,00 € (5%)
2640,00 €

Width: 660 mm, Height: 780 mm, Depth closed: 200 mm, Depth open: 770 mm




Tootekood: Robust Red ,   Tarneaeg: 3 nädalad
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815,00 €


• Handy, hygienic solution to ensure a clean table top at all times.

• Holds different kinds of paper rolls. 

• Locks at both ends and thus well suited for corner installation.

• Solid locking system makes the holder very sturdy.

• Sight holes make it easy to check how much paper is still left.

• Integrated gas spring enables easy one-handed paper refill.

• Ideal in combination with the wall-mounted baby changing station.

• Comes in brushed stainless steel as standard.

• Also available in all RAL colours and coated with prints.

• 2-year warranty.


Product number: 655 / EAN no. 5-709818-006550
Technical data:
Paper roll holder in stainless steel. Holds most kinds of paper rolls. Equipped with safety locks at both ends.
Dimensions H: 220 mm, W: 585 mm, D: 142 mm
Net Weight: 4.2 kg
Tootekood: DAN655 ,   Tarneaeg: 7-14 päeva
549,10 € (5%)
578,00 €


Luxury baby changing mat to fit DAN DRYER's baby changing stations, model BJÖRK and model 659/660. 

This mat is hand sewn and the highest attention has been paid to every detail. It is extremely durable; coated with 100% Oeko-Tex certified PU-leather on both sides, filled with foam and a felt sheet on top. A high-quality foam pad ensuring utmost hygiene and comfort for the baby while changing the diaper. 

The mat is attached to the table changing surface with Velcro to provide optimum safety.

It can be cleaned with 70% alcohol without the need to clean it afterwards with water. 

Product number: 3237 / EAN nr. 5-709818-032375
Technical data: Baby changing mat in PU-based artificial leather with foam filling
Dimensions L: 650 mm x W: 450 mm x H: 20 mm
Weight: 0.95 kg
Colour: Illusion PU Black 00110
Tootekood: DAN3237 ,   Tarneaeg: 14 -21 päeva
232,75 € (5%)
245,00 €