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AUZ 08

stainless-steel standing closet, with hardened seat, back drain


AUZ 08 is a stainless-steel WC in matt design. To increase the user comfort, it is provided with a grey seat with a lid made of hardened plastic (newly also with a seat in black design AUZ 08.CS). AUZ 08 is designed to stand on the floor at the wall; it is suitable for places where the common closet cannot be attached to the wall, because of a thin bearing particle, for example. The standard version of AUZ 08 has a back drain (the version with the bottom drain AUZ 02). It is suitable to supplement the WC with the automatic pressure water flushing device AUZ 3, automatic flushing device with the piezo button AUZ 3.P (or the vandal-resistant flushing device BSAZ 01) or any flushing device with a cistern.


Thanks to its resistance to damage, the closet is primarily intended for social facilities with demanding operation, such as highway lay-byes, alehouses, etc., where easy maintenance of sanitary conditions is required. WC is also manufactured in the design for the disabled under the designation AUZ 08 INV


Further closet versions can be found in the section Stainless-steel closets or Stainless-steel safety closets.


Basic technical information
Water inlet: d= 34-50 mm
Min. water flow: 70 l/min
Outlet: d= 90 mm
Weight: 23 kg
Requirements for setting up the construction
  1. Set-up outlet d = 110 mm including rubber sleeve for pipe d = 90 mm.
  2. Set-up water inlet d= 34-50 mm according to chosen sealing.
Complete delivery
  • Stainless steel closet
  • Plastic seat
  • Anchoring material
Made to order
  • AUZ 3 - automatic pressure flushing system
  • AUZ 3.P - automatic pressure flushing system with piezo control
  • BSAZ 01 - vandal resistant pressure flushing system

AUZ 08

напольный унитаз из нержавеющей стали, с закаленным сиденьем, сток сзади 


AUZ 08 представляет собой туалет из нержавеющей стали, в матовом исполнении. Для повышения комфорта для пользователя, предоставляется с серой крышкой и сиденьем, изготовленным из твердой пластмассы, (теперь и в версии с сиденьем в чёрном исполнении AUZ 08.CS). AUZ 08 предназначен для размещения на пол к стенке, подходит для тех мест, где не возможно прикрепить классический унитаз на стенку, напр., из-за тонкой несущей перегородки. Стандартное исполнение AUZ 08, это со стоком сзади, (вариант со стоком вниз AUZ 02). Туалет пригодно дополнить автоматическим смывным бачком воды под давление AUZ 3, автоматическим смывным бачком с нажимной кнопкой AUZ 3.P, (в случае антивандальным смывным бачком BSAZ 01), или любым устройством со смывным бачком.


Унитаз своей устойчивостью к повреждениям, в основном, предназначен для социальных объектов с высокими требованиями , для таких как зоны отдыха на автострадах, пивные бары и т.д., где необходимо чтобы было лёгкое содержание гигиены. Туалет изготовляем также в исполнении для инвалидов, под названием AUZ 08 INV


Следующие варианты унитазов возможно найти в отделe унитазы из нержавеющей стали или безопасные унитазы из нержавеющей стали .

Основные технические характеристики 
Вход воды: d= 34-50 мм
Минимальная пропускная способность: 70 л/мин
Сток: d= 90 мм
Вес: 23 кг
Требования к установке
  1. Подготовлен выход в пол как указано на рысунке d = 110мм, с манжетой для d = 90мм.
  2. Подготовлена подача воды как указано на рисунке d = 34-50 мм судя по прокладке.
  • Унитаз из нержавеющей стали
  • Пластиковое сиденье
  • Прикрепляющий материал
На заказ
  • AUZ 3 - автоматический смыватель унитаза
  • AUZ 3.P - автоматический смыватель унитаза с нажимной кнопкой
  • BSAZ 01 - антивандальный смыватель унитаза
Kokku sobivad tooted

AUM 026 INV is a stainless steel, partly wall-built in washbasin, containing the combination of a liquid soap dispenser, water tap and hand dryer in a small space. The washbasin is adjusted to be used also by wheelchair persons – it is shallow, completed with handles, the waste is hidden behind the wall. Controlled by durable piezo-pushbuttons, electronically controlled turn-off (the period of water running is settable by the owner). The washbasin is to be mounted through the wall, all technology components are behind the wall, and thus cannot be damaged by users (anti-vandal design).

A wall-hanged version may be supplied to order, or a version without any of the functions (e.g. onlz water plus soap, or water plus dryer). The washbasin is made of AISI 304 stainless steel. A recommended cleaning agent for stainless products maintenance: Würth – preservation (order no. 0893 121 K), cleaning (order no. 893 121 1).

Basic technical information
Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz
IP protection: IP 55
Dimensions (visible from outside): 800 x 800 x 363 mm
Required thickness of wall: min. 100 mm
Outlet: d = 40 mm
Requirements for setting up the construction
  1. Opening in the wal 740 x 740 mm
  2. Prepared el. supply cable 3C x 1,5 s 230 V, 50 Hz
  3. Prepared water outlet according to technical scheme
Complete delivery
  • Stainless-steel washbasin with handles
  • Electronic hand dryer
  • Electronic soap dispenser
  • Electronic water tap
  • Through-wall frame with bolts
  • Waste with a stink trap
  • 230V / 12V source for the electronics
Tootekood: AZP-AUM 026.TV INV ,   Tarneaeg: 3-4 nädalad
2742,00 €
On võimalik versioonid , vertikaalsed, horisontaalsed D50mm,75mm,110mm

PV 01

stainless steel floor trap


PV 01 is a fully stainless floor trap with braz designed to drain showers, industrial premises and other inner spaces. The trap is designed as stepping (not driven-over). The trap is made of AISI 304 quality stainless steel. Detergents containing chlorine must not be used for cleaning. If chlorine is contained in the environment, we recommend custom-made model of another material (e.g. AISI 316).

For cleaning we recomnned WÜRTH detergents – material preservation (no. 0893 121 K) and material cleaning (no. 893 121 1). 

We produce other custom-made models – outlet d = 50 mm, 110 mm; without rim for waterproofing; alternative cover grid (mesh); without braz; with adjustable height, etc. Send us your requirements, we will promptly answer!


Version types
PV 01.D.75.P - floor trap d = 75 mm, smell trap, outlet down, rim for waterproofing, not adjustable
PV 01.D.75.S - floor trap d = 75 mm, smell trap , outlet down , rim for waterproofing, adjustable
PV 01.B.75.P - floor trap d = 75 mm, smell trap , outlet to the side, rim for waterproofing, not adjustable
PV 01.B.75.S - floor trap d = 75 mm, smell trap , outlet to the side , rim for waterproofing , adjustable
PV 01.D.50.P - floor trap d = 50 mm, smell trap , outlet down , rim for waterproofing , not adjustable
PV 01.D.50.S - floor trap d = 50 mm, smell trap , outlet down , rim for waterproofing , adjustable
PV 01.B.50.P - floor trap d = 50 mm, smell trap , outlet to the side , rim for waterproofing , not adjustable
PV 01.B.50.S - - floor trap d = 50 mm, smell trap , outlet to the side , rim for waterproofing , adjustable
PV 01.D.110.P - floor trap d = 110 mm, smell trap , outlet down , rim for waterproofing , not adjustable
PV 01.D.110.S - floor trap d = 110 mm, smell trap , outlet down , rim for waterproofing , adjustable
PV 01.B.110.P - floor trap t d = 110 mm, smell trap , outlet to the side , rim for waterproofing , not adjustable
PV 01.B.110.S - floor trap d = 110 mm, smell trap , outlet to the side , rim for waterproofing , adjustable
Basic technical information
Minimum inner diameter: 70 mm
Diameter of connecting sewerage pipe: 75 mm
Water flow: min. 50 lts / min
Loading class: K3
Weight: 2,2 kg
Complete delivery
  • Trap body
  • Grid with braz cover
  • Hook to pull up the grid


Requirements for setting up the construction
  1. Completed sewerage drains terminated by DN 75 coupling
  2. Prepared hole in the floor with diameter min. 300 mm (200 mm without rim for waterproofing) and depth min. 120 mm
Tootekood: AZP-PV 01.D.75.P ,   Tarneaeg: 3-4 nädalad
214,20 € (10%)
238,00 €


Wall module construction for WC with vandal-resistant st.steel cover


BSAZ 5 is a wall module for wall mounted toilets equipped with anti-vandal stainless steel cover – with resistant stainless safety buttons. The cover is screwed by security bolts therefore it cannot be dismounted without special tools. The system is suitable for spaces where toilet flushing from a cistern is required but where, on the other hand, there is a threat of damaging of usual plastic covers. The robust anti-vandal stainless cover contains stainless control buttons resistant to damage (unlike the usual plastic buttons).


The cover of BSAZ 5 is manufactured from the stainless steel AISI 304. Other materials (e.g. AISI 316) possible on order. For cleaning we recomnned WÜRTH detergents – material preservation (no. 0893 121 K) and material cleaning (no. 893 121 1). 




Version types
BSAZ 5 - Wall module construction for WC with vandal-resistant st.steel cover
Basic technical information
Dimensions of wall module: (1000–1200) × 510 × (160–200) mm
Dimensions of st.steel cover: 510 × 230 × 30 mm
Water inlet: G 1/2"
Outlet: DN 100
Requirements for setting up the construction
  1. Space for mounting the wall module
  2. Water inlet G 1/2"
  3. Waste pipe for outlet connection (DN 100)
Complete delivery
  • wall module with cistern
  • st.steel cover with vandal-proof buttons
Tootekood: AZP-BSAZ 5 ,   Tarneaeg: 3-4 nädalad
723,60 €
Sarnased tooted
Tootekood: 1108251601 ,   Tarneaeg: 7 nädalad
265,00 €

1092х383х80 мм

Tootekood: PURC-SEP ,   Tarneaeg: 14-30 päeva
481,00 €

Bucket sink in stainless steel for wall mounting. Supplied with stainless steel wall panel, supporting bracket and 3 1/2" x 2" waste with plug and overflow.

Tootekood: I-L1 ,   Tarneaeg: 14 -21 päeva
172,80 € (10%)
192,00 €

AFO 04

suspension drinking fountain

AFO 04 is a stainless-steel drinking fountain of a modern design. It is manufactured with a double surface finish: matt bowl (blasted with ballotini) and brushed casing. Thanks to its interesting appearance, it particularly suits public spaces, such as sports facilities, parks, squares, business centres, fitness and wellness centres, but also schools and kindergartens.

Similarly to AFO 01, the drinking fountain is operated with a push valve. Water is flowing while the valve is pushed and for a preset time after its release, in which way the nozzle is rinsed. 

The water inlet is through a flexible hose; siphon trap is made of a flexible coupling. The flexible design of the water inlet and outlet enables variable and trouble-free connection of the fountain as well as its simple dismounting.

The AFO 04 drinking fountain is made from stainless steel of the AISI 304 class; the AFO 04.CL drinking fountain is made from steel of the AISI 316 class.

Package contents

  • stainless steel casing
  • press valve
  • corner valve with filter
  • fixing bar
  • siphon
  • connecting hose
  • anchoring material
Water inlet G 1/2"
Water pressure 2 - 6 Bar (recommended 3 Bar)
Outlet d = 40 mm
Inner dimension of the fountain d = 245 mm
Weight 4 kg
  • Set-up water inlet - pipe G1/2“.
  • Set-up drainage d = 40 mm.


Tootekood: AZP-AFO04 ,   Tarneaeg: 3-4 nädalad
575,10 € (10%)
639,00 €



Stainless steel KEG urinal with infra-red flushing unit, 24 V DC



  • vandal-proof
  • stainless steel wall hung urinal with integrated infra-red electronics
  • rear assembling by the mounting plate and special screws
  • system reacts to the user attendance in front of the urinal at a maximum distance of 0,7 m, minimum stay time in active range is 7,5 s
  • system flushes after leaving of user from active range
  • adjustable flushing time 0,5 - 15,5 s
  • parameters adjustment by remote control SLD 03
  • automatic hygiene flushing after 24 hours non-use
  • material AISI - 304
  • brushed finish
Code SLPN 10E


Operating voltage: 24 V DC
Active range: 0,6 - 0,75 m
Recommended flow pressure: 0,1 - 0,6 MPa
Rate of flow: 12 l/min. (inf. data)
Water inlet: male thread G 1/2"

Tootekood: SA-SLPN 10E ,   Tarneaeg: 14-21 päeva
1385,00 €