D Line Pebble mantli nagi S matt valge

Tootekood: DL-128001R9003
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Tarneaeg: 14-21 päeva
47,00 €
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Coat hook S by Bjarke Ingels Group. Pebble is a series of bathroom accessories and a matching lever handle by Bjarke Ingels Group. This playful series isinspired by a pill’s futuristic, balancing elliptical shape that leads the mind to sci- fi scenography of another world. Material: stainless steel AISI 304 satin finish Ø20x20. W:20 mm x H:20 mm x D:20 mm.


Dimensions: W:20 mm x H:20 mm x D:20 mm.
Material: stainless steel AISI 304

Sarnased tooted

Ukse stopper konksuga, satiin

R/V teras AISI 303

Ø 45 x 76 mm

Wagner Ewar

Tootekood: WAG-AC217S ,   Tarneaeg: 14 päeva
78,00 €

1-ne nagi kroom

Tootekood: L450212 ,   Tarneaeg: 7 päeva
14,00 €
Depth: 27mm
Diameter: Ø16mm
Weight: 0,2 kg.
Designer: Bønnelycke mdd
Material: zink/brass
Color: Cupper
Tootekood: FRON1901-1-C ,   Tarneaeg: 14 päeva
79,00 €
2 pcs./set. Characteristic hook from NOVA2 series. Recognizable design with shadow edge. Used in wardrobe, bathroom. kitchen etc. Available in 6 finishes.
Depth: 50mm
Diameter: 25mm
Weight: 0,45 kg.
Designer: Bønnelycke mdd
Tootekood: FRON1901-2 ,   Tarneaeg: 14 päeva
62,10 € (10%)
69,00 €
Depth: 65mm
Diameter: Ø55mm
Weight: 0,15 kg.
Designer: Bønnelycke mdd
Material: Acrylic/polished
Tootekood: FROB1055-T ,   Tarneaeg: 14-21 päev
29,00 €