DAN DRYER Kätekuivati 288 roostevaba teras, TURBO DESIGN

Tootekood: DAN288
Ühik: tk
Tarneaeg: 14-21 päev
888,00 €
Kuumakse alates: 75,48 €
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• Drying cycle of only 10-15 seconds!

• Powerful commutator motor with carbon brushes. 

• Adjustable sensor range, motor speed and heating element.

• With lock for effective protection against vandalism.

• Comes in brushed stainless steel as standard.

• Also available in all RAL colours and coated with different prints. 

• Very hygienic and easy-to-maintain hand dryer.

• 5-year warranty.

Product number: 288 / EAN no. 5-709818-002880
Technical data:
Touch-free hand dryer with housing in 1.5 mm brushed stainless steel. Infra-red sensor and electronic timer. Drying cycle: 10-15 sec. IPX1, 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 1600 W, Class 1 (earthed), 78 dBA.
Dimensions H: 420 mm, W: 200 mm, D: 198 mm
Net Weight: 7.9 kg


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Elektroisolatsioon klass 1

Kaitseklass IP23

Tootekood: ME88ACS ,   Tarneaeg: 7 päeva
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HEPA filter Dualflow plus (M14)

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Tootekood: MRC9391003SMD ,   Tarneaeg: 7 päeva
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SPEEDJET 2 high speed air pulse hand dryer, with filters 
Ref. 510623W

SPEEDJET 2 matte white two-way air pulse hand dryer. 
High speed: dries in 10 to 12 seconds. 
Comfort: warm air.
Antibacterial ABS for maximum hygiene. 
Easy to clean and service: residual water on hands is eliminated with new automatic procedure using evaporation and sterilisation. 
Features system that removes the need for a drip tray and prevents water reaching the wall or floor.
HEPA filter: prevents 99.99% of airborne bacteria.
Infrared automatic activation. 
Intelligent technology: stops automatically when hands are removed.
Anti-blocking: stops automatically if used continuously for more than 30 seconds. 
Dimensions: 180 x 320 x 540mm. 
Weight: 7.2kg. 
Energy saving: heating element stops automatically once temperature reaches > 25°C. 
Low energy consumption: 1,050W in non-heating mode,1,550W in heating mode. 
220-240V~ / 50-60 Hz. 
Airflow: 61 l/second. Air speed: 540 km/h. 
Noise level: 66 dBA. 
Class II, IP21. 
CE marked. 

Tootekood: DE-510623W ,   Tarneaeg: 14-21 päeva
1379,70 € (10%)
1533,00 €


HIGHFLOW high speed air flow hand dryer 
Ref. 510622

HIGHFLOW air pulse hand dryer.
Robust model.
Lit central nozzle focuses the pulsed air onto hands at over 230km/h.
High speed: dries in 10 - 12 seconds.
Choice of warm or cold air via a concealed switch.
Infrared automatic activation.
Intelligent technology: stops automatically when hands are removed. 
Anti-blocking: stops automatically if used continuously for more than 60 seconds.
Bacteriostatic 304 bright polished stainless steel.
Easy to clean: one-piece cover.
Stainless steel thickness: 1mm.
Dimensions: 175 x 238 x 267mm.
Weight: 4kg.
Airflow: 39 l/second. 
Air speed: 230 km/h. 
Low energy consumption: 1350W.
220-240 V~/50Hz.
Noise level: 70 dBA.
Class I, IP22.
CE marked.

Tootekood: DE-510622 ,   Tarneaeg: 14-21 päeva
504,00 € (10%)
560,00 €