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Dealabie dosaator seebi/hydroalcoholic gel 1 L kontaktivaba sensoriga R/V teras satiin

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Wall-mounted electronic liquid soap dispenser, 1 litre 
Ref. 512066S

Electronic liquid soap dispenser, wall-mounted. 
Vandal-resistant model with lock and standard DELABIE key. 
No manual contact: hands are automatically detected by infrared cell (detection distancecan be adjusted).
Bacteriostatic 304 stainless steel cover.
One-piece hinged cover for easy maintenanceand better hygiene.
No waste pump dispenser: dispenses 0.8ml(can be adjusted up to 7 doses per activation). 
Option of operation in anti-clogging mode.
Power supply: 6 AA -1.5V (DC9V) batteries supplied integrated in the soap dispenser body.
Low battery indicator light.
Tank with large opening: eases transfer of soapfrom large containers. 
Window allows soap level to be checked. 
Polished satin 304 stainless steel. 
Stainless steel thickness: 1mm. 
Capacity: 1 litre. 
Dimensions : 90 x 105 x 256mm. 
For vegetable-based liquid soap with a maximum viscosity of 3,000 mPa.s. 
Compatible with hydroalcoholic gel.
CE marked.


Wall-mounted electronic liquid soap dispenser, 1 litre 
Ref. 512066S

Supply 6 AA batteries
Height 256mm
Depth 90mm
Width 105mm
Thickness 1mm
Finish Polished satin 304 stainless steel
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Kosmos vedelseebidosaator seinale metall teras

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Sensoriga valamusegisti







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12 bottles x 950 ml
370 x 240 x 235 mm

Biologically degradable
Packacking unit: 12 bottles x 950 ml; 12,4 kg




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• Winner of a Red Dot Design Award!

• Holds approx. 9,5 dl liquid soap (= 800-950 doses).

• Battery-operated. Connection to power supply via a transformer.

• An intelligent sensor automatically sets the best sensor range. 

• LED light indicates when dispenser is in use.

• Comes in trendy matt black and classic white as standard. 

• Also available in all RAL colours and coated with different prints. 

• Top plate in 6 optional standard designs

• 2-year warranty.


Product number: 3056 / EAN no. 5-709818-030562
Technical data:
Touch-free soap dispenser for liquid soap/disinfectant. Matt black steel housing (RAL 9005, gloss 3). Equipped with top plate. Capacity: 9,5 dl. Battery-operated.
Dimensions H: 330 mm, W: 139 mm, D: 127 mm
Net Weight: 2.3 kg
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automatic washing system for soles with rotary brushes - 230V, 50Hz


RMP 02 is a stainless steel sensor-controlled washing system with rotary brushes for wellingtons. A built-in photocell sensor reacts to the user holding the handrail. The electromagnetic valve switches on, opens the water inlet, the brushes start to rotate and the circular jet injection of the disinfecting lotion is carried out. After placing the foot with the wellington on the grid in between the rotary brushes, the sole is cleaned by means of the horizontal brush. There is a CENTRAL/STOP button on the handrail for emergency switch-off.
The washing system is intended for free standing installation on the floor. Imperfections in the floor are balanced out by four adjustable hobs. The construction of the system allows the outlet to be placed above floor level. Large pieces of dirt are collected by a sieve, which can be easily cleaned. The sieve and brush can be taken out without using a tool.
The RMP 02 washing system, with its easy maintenance, is mainly intended for operations where quick removal of mechanical dirt from wellingtons is required.
The canister with disinfecting solution is not part of the delivery.

Package contents

  • body of the washing machine
  • removable grid
  • electronics with photocell
  • rotary brush
  • hand brush
  • jerican holder
  • priming hose
  • adjustable supporting legs
  • central stop button


Radius of sensor 0,5 m
Water inlet G 1/2“
Water pressure 0,1 – 1,0 MPa
Outlet G 6/4”
Electricity protection IP 55
Power supply 230 V, 50 Hz
Power requirement 370 W
Water temperature max. 42°C
Weight 41 kg


  • Set up water inlet as per picture
  • Set up outlet G 6/4” via effluvial cover
  • Set up cable for power supply – 230 V, 50 Hz


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