Dealabie dosaator seebi/hydroalcoholic gel 1 L kontaktivaba sensoriga R/V teras valge

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Wall-mounted electronic liquid soap dispenser, 1 litre 
Ref. 512066W

Electronic liquid soap dispenser, wall-mounted. 
Vandal-resistant model with lock and standard DELABIE key. 
No manual contact: hands are automatically detected by infrared cell (detection distancecan be adjusted).
Bacteriostatic 304 stainless steel cover.
One-piece hinged cover for easy maintenanceand better hygiene.
No waste pump dispenser: dispenses 0.8ml(can be adjusted up to 7 doses per activation). 
Option of operation in anti-clogging mode.
Power supply: 6 AA -1.5V (DC9V) batteries supplied integrated in the soap dispenser body.
Low battery indicator light.
Tank with large opening: eases transfer of soap from large containers. 
Window allows soap level to be checked. 
White powder-coated 304 stainless steel.
Stainless steel thickness: 1mm. 
Capacity: 1 litre. 
Dimensions : 90 x 105 x 256mm. 
For vegetable-based liquid soap with a maximum viscosity of 3,000 mPa.s.
Compatible with hydroalcoholic gel.
CE marked.

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The advantage of freedom

Damixa Free was designed for use in public and private buildings with many users. It’s a non-contact tap that automatically opens and closes the flow of water. It’s hygienic, robust and water-saving. Free has been well thought out from start to finish, focusing on ease of installation, cleaning and maintenance.

How we created Free

Free was designed by Claus Rantzau, an in-house design engineer at Damixa.

“Free was created to meet the demands of large buildings with many different tap users. The geometry of this tap fixture has been kept free of edges and corners where limescale and dirt tend to gather. This is for places where an extra robust tap that is easy to install and maintain is needed. This is why Free has been given a robust, industrial feel,” says Claus Rantzau.

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148 x 448 x 120 mm
950 ml bottle

  • Sensor liquid soap dispenser in robust, germ-reducing and easy-care stainless steel (AISI 316L).
  • All-stainless steel housing; all corners fully welded, visible surfaces satin finished and brushed. Further available surfaces: see below.
  • With EWAR® eModule touch-free operated soap pump. 
  • Designed for standard 950 ml disposable bottles of liquid soap or hand lotion. 
  • Also refillable with large container using the plug-in tank as an option.
  • Inspection slot to indicate fill level. 
  • Accessible for refilling through lockable, removable front panel with fall protection. 
  • Keyed alike cylinder lock in corrosion-resistant zinc die-casting.
  • eModule battery-powered with two 1.5 V Baby/LR14 batteries.
    Power supply available as an option.
  • Wear parts and front panel can be replaced as modules.
  • Installation dimensions: 150 x 450 x 110 mm
  • Mounting: With four screws in wall opening through fixing holes in the side walls. 
  • Delivery includes fixing material, batteries and first fill with soap.
  • Weight (in kg): 4,4
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