Delabie TEMPSOFT 2 dušikomplekt isesulguv , eelsegatud veele seinale 30 sek kroom

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TEMPOSOFT 2 shower kit 
Ref. 749429

Recessed time flow shower kit: 
TEMPOSOFT 2 M1/2" time flow valve for mixed water supply. 
For recessed installation. 
Bright polished stainless steel 304 wall plate Ø 130mm.
Recessing depth can be adjusted from 1 to 5mm. 
Soft-touch operation. 
Time flow ~30 seconds. 
Flow rate 6 lpm at 3 bar. 
Chrome-plated, tamperproof ROUND shower head with scale-resistant nozzle and automatic flow rate regulation. 
Body and shower head in chrome-plated solid brass. 
10-year warranty. 

This model does not have a waterproof recessing box. The installer must ensure that the recessing area is waterproof and any leaks or condensates can drain away (see installation guide).



TEMPOSOFT 2 shower kit 
Ref. 749429

Connector 1/2"
Technology Time flow
Flow rate 6 lpm
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DAN DRYER WaterTap is with automatic sensor for touch-free operation is a hygienic solution for all private and commercial washrooms.

The water faucet is part of a complete product line, which also includes hand dryer and soap dispenser. The product line is available for either deck or wall mounting.

The water tap features a minimalist, modern design in stainless steel with satin finish. It is easy to operate and to clean. 



• Wall mounting.

• Activation distance adjustable between 20-120 mm.

• Water pressure: 10-15 PSI.  

• Water flow less than 3,8 l/m.  

• Stainless steel with satin finish.

• Infra-red sensor and elektronic timer.

• 2-year warranty.


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