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Delabie valamu TEK TC roostevaba teras 7 sek kraaniga satiin

Tootekood: DE-160340
Ühik: tk
Tarneaeg: 14-21 päeva
1372,50 €
Kuumakse alates: 117,29 €
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TEK TC washbasin 
Ref. 160340

Wall-mounted washbasin, cross wall installation for service ducts.
Bacteriostatic 304 stainless steel. 
Polished satin finish. 
Stainless steel thickness: 1.2mm. 
Rounded edges prevent injury. 
Vandal-resistant: shrouded basin. 
200mm threaded rod can be cut to size (other lengths available on request.
Supplied with 1 time flow tap: stainless steel tamperproof push-button and anti-blocking, 7 seconds time flow. 
Recessed horizontal waste outlet Ø 32mm.
Flat, perforated waste, without screws: easy to clean and vandal-resistant.
Without overflow.
Supplied with fixing elements.
CE marked. Complies with European standard EN 14688.
Weight: 9kg.


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Vajutava nupuga segisti 

P 400 S BC



15 sek. töötsükkel 3 bar

3-6 l/min

Tootekood: P28610 ,   Tarneaeg: 7 päeva
445,00 €

Seinakraan, vooliku otsaga

Poleeritud messing


Tootekood: IDR-0151G12 ,   Tarneaeg: 7 päeva
40,26 € (10%)
44,73 €

Antivandaalne WC pott INVA R/V taras

AUZ 08 INV is a stainless-steel WC in matt design for the disabled. It is a stainless-steel toilet to stand on the floor at the wall. The drain is directed backwards (the bottom drain version AUZ 02 INV). The closet is based on the standard AUZ 08, which is heightened and lengthened to fulfil the directive regarding products for disabled persons. To increase the user comfort, the seating part is provided with a seat from hardened plastic. The closet includes a removable backrest recommended by the League for the rights of the wheelchair bound.


The standing WC is suitable for places where the common closet cannot be attached to the side wall, because of a thin bearing particle, for example.


It is suitable to supplement the closet with an automatic pressure-water flushing device with delayed flushing AUZ 3 INV (suitable for the disabled) or any flushing device with a cistern.

Basic technical information
Water inlet: d= 34 - 50 mm
Min. water flow: 70 l/min
Outlet: d= 90 mm
Weight: 27 kg
Complete delivery
  • Stainless steel closet
  • Plastic seat
  • Anchoring material
  • Stainless-steel backrest
Tootekood: AZP-AUZ 08 INV ,   Tarneaeg: 3-4 nädalad
2629,00 €

Stainless steel rectangular mirror, H. 500mm 
Ref. 3452

Depth 10mm
Length Unbreakable mirror
Width 385mm
Drop height 485mm
Finish "Mirror" polished 304 stainless steel
Tootekood: DE-3452 ,   Tarneaeg: 7-21 päeva
237,90 €

Delabie Valamu HEMI d310mm AISI304 poleeritud roostevaba teras

HEMI inset round washbasin Ø 310mm - Ref. 120471

Round basin for recessed installation from above or below.

Basin internal diameter: 310mm.

Cut-out diameter: 330mm for installation from above, 310mm for installation from below.

Bacteriostatic 304 stainless steel.

304 stainless steel, bright polished

Stainless steel thickness: 1mm. One-piece, seam-free pressed bowl.

Rounded edges prevent injury. Supplied with 1¼" waste. Without overflow.

CE marked.

Complies with European standard EN 14688. Weight: 1.5kg.


Tootekood: DE-120471 ,   Tarneaeg: 14-21 päeva
237,90 €
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