Köögisegisti Damixa Silhouet pesumasina ventiiliga matt vask PVD

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Köögisegisti Damixa Silhouet pesumasina ventiiliga matt vask PVD

Kitchen Mixer with Dishwasher Shut off valve brushed copper pvd

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Brushed Copper PVD




Halskov & Dalsgaard

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Slim. Scandinavian. Attractive.

With its pure, inviting design Silhouet fits beautifully in the kitchens and bathrooms of today as well as tomorrow. For the bathroom sink, Silhouet is available in three different heights to ensure you can also use it with a tall, tabletop mounted vessel sink. The stylish Silhouet shower system features a showerhead that due to its ultra slim design appears to hover for an even more sophisticated look. Silhouet is the essence of timeless Scandinavian design and outstanding Damixa quality.



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Kahes suuna pööratava jooksutoruga.

Toru mõõt: 10 mm

Paigaldusava:30mm, max.35mm


Tootekood: QKV1-08 ,   Tarneaeg: 2-4 nädalad
1182,00 €



UNU hangers in rubber with polished head. 3 pcs./set
Height: 197mm
Width: 460mm
Depth: 40mm
Weight: 2 kg.
Designer: Bønnelycke mdd
Material: Rubber
Tootekood: FROU3013-3-C ,   Tarneaeg: 4 nädalad
119,00 €
Depth: 35mm
Diameter: Ø60mm
Weight: 0,2 kg.
Designer: busk+hertzog
Material: Stainless steel
Tootekood: FROL1060-C ,   Tarneaeg: 14-21 päev
59,00 €
Clothes stand without castors. With gold top. Beautiful in the wardrobe, meeting- or conference room.
Height: 1500mm
Width: 1028mm
Depth: 300mm
Weight: 17 kg.
Designer: Bønnelycke mdd
Material: Steel
Tootekood: FROU6003-CB ,   Tarneaeg: 14-21 päev
609,00 €
Wardrobe shelf with bar and 2 hooks. Polished bar/hooks. For the small wardrobe.
Height: 150mm
Width: 200mm
Depth: 300mm
Weight: 2,5 kg.
Designer: Bønnelycke mdd
Material: Aluminium
Tootekood: FROU4016-CW ,   Tarneaeg: 14-21 päev
319,00 €