Segisti avamise pool vanni, juuksuri segistile Delabie 2542

Tootekood: DE-2542
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Mechanical mixer for remote control

Ref. 2542

Mixer only, for deck-mounted independent control.
Ø 35mm ceramic cartridge with pre-set maximum temperature limiter.
Sculptured control lever.
Mixed water brass outlet L. 160mm with integrated non-return valve.
PEX flexibles F3/8".
Reinforced fixing via 2 stainless steel rods.


Mechanical mixer for remote control

Ref. 2542
Connector F3/8"
Finish Chrome-plated brass


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Tootekood: D2327300 ,   Tarneaeg: 7 päeva
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  • Keraamiline tööorgan.
  • Põletuskaitsega
  • Veesäästu funktsioon Eco-Save.
  • Külm start.
  • Pööratav jooksutoru.
  • 120° pöördepiiraja.
  • Kahe funktsiooniga dušipihusti.
  • Kummiaeraator – lihtne puhastada.
Tootekood: D1812100 ,   Tarneaeg: 7 päeva
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Damixa KIT silicone bag

Tootekood: D48129 ,   Tarneaeg: 7-14 päeva
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Pressure-balancing mixer set and column with retracting hand spray

Ref. 2599EP

SECURITHERM pressure-balancing sink mixer set with retracting hand spray on a column. 
Ideal for babies' baths.
Anti-scalding safety: HW flow rate is reduced if CW supply fails. 
Securitouch thermal insulation prevents burns. 
Retracting hand spray with 2 jet options: flow straightener/rain effect. 
Swivelling column H. 200mm L. 220mm. 
Retracting hand spray with two jet options (flow straightener/rain effect)
Ø 35mm pressure-balancing ceramic cartridge with pre-set maximum temperature limiter. 
Mixer body and column with smooth interiors. 
Flow rate 12 lpm at 3 bar. 
Sculptured control lever. 
Mixed water outlet L. 160mm. 
BIOSAFE flexible shower hose reduces bacterial proliferation: transparent polyurethane flexible hose, smooth interior and exterior, low water volume (interior Ø 6mm). 
Counterweight specific to flexible hose.
F⅜" PEX flexibles with filters and non-return valves. 
Reinforced fixing via 2 stainless steel rods. 
Tootekood: DE-2599EP ,   Tarneaeg: 7-14 päeva
390,00 €

Damixa Silhouet 7412846 köögisegisti PRO harjatud sreel PVD 

Pro Köögisegisti steel pvd




Steel PVD




Halskov & Dalsgaard

Pro Kitchen Mixer steel pvd

Article no.:



Steel PVD




Halskov & Dalsgaard


Slim. Scandinavian. Attractive.

With its pure, inviting design Silhouet fits beautifully in the kitchens and bathrooms of today as well as tomorrow. For the bathroom sink, Silhouet is available in three different heights to ensure you can also use it with a tall, tabletop mounted vessel sink. The stylish Silhouet shower system features a showerhead that due to its ultra slim design appears to hover for an even more sophisticated look. Silhouet is the essence of timeless Scandinavian design and outstanding Damixa quality.

Tootekood: D741284600 ,   Tarneaeg: 2-3 nädala
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