Tualettpaberihoidja mobiiltelefooni riiuliga seinale Mediclinics HARMONIA R/V teras harjatud

Tootekood: MAI2005CS
Ühik: tk
Tarneaeg: 14-21 päeva
30,00 €
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• Bathroom toilet roll holder with flat shelf to hold mobile phones, keys, watches, air-fresheners, etc., made of AISI 304 stainless steel, from Mediclinics’ Harmonía series.

• With a modern and intelligent design, this toilet roll holder has an arm with a stopper to prevent the toilet roll from falling off during use.

• This toilet roll holder is one of the essential bathroom accessories to install in your home, and can also be used in public-use bathrooms, such as hotels, bars, restaurants, offices, etc.

• Made with high-quality, durable and anti-corrosive materials.

• Suitable for most sizes of household toilet rolls.

• This bathroom accessory includes stainless steel hardware for installation on brick walls.

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