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SECURITHERM BIOCLIP thermostatic sink mixer

Ref. H9611P

Wall-mounted SECURITHERM thermostatic sink mixer. 
Sequential: opens and closes with cold water.
Supplied with 2 removable BIOCLIP stainless steel spouts L. 136mm. 
Anti-scalding failsafe: immediate shut-off if cold or hot water supply fails.
Securitouch thermal insulation prevents burns. 
No risk of cross flow between hot and cold water.
No non-return valves on the inlets.
Scale-resistant sequential thermostatic cartridge. 
Temperature control: cold water up to 40°C. Temperature limiter set at 40°C. 
Thermal or chemical shocks are possible. 
Body and spout with smooth interiors and low water volume. 
Flow rate regulated at 7 lpm.
No manual contact thanks to Hygiene control lever L. 146mm.
Mixer with 150mm centres, supplied with in-line STOP/CHECK connectors ideal for hospitals.
Chrome-plated brass body.


SECURITHERM BIOCLIP thermostatic sink mixer

Ref. H9611P
Connector M1/2"
Technology SECURITHERM BIOCLIP sequential, Securitouch
Height 141mm
Width 184mm
Spout length 136mm
Flow rate 7 lpm
Temperature limiter 40°C
Finish Chrome-plated brass
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Technical information 

  • ESS (energy saving system)
  • Ceramic cartridge with soft closing function
  • Adjustable flow control and temperature limiter
  • Eco (energy and water saving constant flow aerator, 5 l/min at 200–600 kPa)
  • Soft PEX® hoses with 3/8" connecting nut (stainless steel braided)
  • Hole diameter Ø34-37 mm
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