Desinfektandidosaator R/V teras, satiin 1,5L AISI 304

Tootekood: MDJS0033CS
Ühik: tk
Tarneaeg: 7-14 päeva
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Surface push-button soap dispenser. Spray soap.


Spray soap dispenser of 1.5 L capacity, manufactured in stainless steel AISI 304, to be installed directly on the wall and hand-operated through a push-button made in stainless steel. 
Available in three finishes (white, bright and satin) these soap dispenser models have a functional, robust and trendy design that matches the new range of Mediclinics bathroom accessories. This allows this soap dispenser to blend into any space perfectly.
With a net weight of 1.25 Kg and manufactured in stainless steel AISI 304, 0.8 mm thick, these soap dispensers have an inner plastic tank that prevents oxidation and that can be easily removed for cleaning and disinfection purposes.
This entire range of soap dispensers is  equipped with an anti-drip corrosion resistant valve that dispenses 0.8 ml of soap per service. This anti-drip valve, which dispenses spray soap, is easily interchangeable with the valves of the other soap dispensers of the same line that dispense liquid soap (DJ0031, DJ0031C and DJ0031CS) or foam soap (DJF0032, DJF0023C y DJF0032CS), so you can easily turn this liquid soap dispenser into a foam or spray soap dispenser.
In addition, these soap dispensers have a soap content level display in the front part that constantly indicates the level of soap available inside the soap dispenser.
It is recommended to use spray soaps with a maximum density of 0.8 kg/dm3 and a maximum of alcohol content of 85 %.  
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Kätekuivati Mediclinics Machflow poleeritud rostevaba terasest korpusega AISI304

Turvaline ja võimas mudel.


-Ülekiire kuivatusaeg

-Minimaalne Energiakulu

-Minimaalset CO2 heitmeid

-Reguleeritav ülekiire mootor

-Kindel ja kompaktne disain

-GreenSeci nimekirjaar


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White back plate. RADA is a shoe rack with a minimalistic design. The unique design of Rada give the option to place the shoes in two different ways, where by it is suitable for lady shoes with high heels as well as trainers and boots
Height: 120mm
Width: 600mm
Depth: 164mm
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Riiul on tehtud rooste vaba terasest, poleeritud/must

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