Idral Segisti sensoriga serie 45, 230V kroom

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45 series electronic basin mixer with infrared sensor. 230V mains supply

Technical features


Mechanical mixing with side lever

Infrared sensor with activation on presence detection

Vandal proof stop after 1 min of continuous flow

Automatic anti-legionella water flow every 24h after last use

External power supply 230V AC/6V DC, protection grade IP65; cable with European plug (C); anti black-out device to ensure the shut off of the tap even in case power cut

Aerator with 6 l/min. flow limiter

Sarnased tooted

The advantage of freedom

Damixa Free was designed for use in public and private buildings with many users. It’s a non-contact tap that automatically opens and closes the flow of water. It’s hygienic, robust and water-saving. Free has been well thought out from start to finish, focusing on ease of installation, cleaning and maintenance.

How we created Free

Free was designed by Claus Rantzau, an in-house design engineer at Damixa.

“Free was created to meet the demands of large buildings with many different tap users. The geometry of this tap fixture has been kept free of edges and corners where limescale and dirt tend to gather. This is for places where an extra robust tap that is easy to install and maintain is needed. This is why Free has been given a robust, industrial feel,” says Claus Rantzau.

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Multifunctional touchless faucet, water and soap in one unit, countertop integration.
Simple Touchless operation, the untouchable™ makes use of an elegant infrared interface, operated through a simple process: select above, receive under. By swiping above the untouchable™ - in any direction - the dispenser cycles through the available liquids. When a desired liquid is selected, the hand is simply placed under the faucet. Compatible with 1,000 ml standard Euro bottles, suitable for low-viscosity soaps and lotions, refillable using bottles with wide neck, dosage (depending on viscosity): soap approx. 2 ml, value can be changed on request before delivery

Stainless steel, ground    
1000 ml    
Liquid soaps    
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Mora Cera Duo Miniprofi

Mora CeraDuo miniprofi brings the benefits from a professional restaurant kitchen to your private home. The sensor function makes the mixer more hygienic aswell as watersaving and environmentalfriendly. A convenient cleaning mode, and a removable nozzle with two spray-modes are included. Mora Cera Duo miniprofi makes your life in the kitchen easier, more environmentalfriendly and best of all- more good looking.


Technical information & spareparts

  • ESS (energy saving system)
  • Ceramic cartridge with soft closing function
  • Swivel spout, limitation part for 60°, 85°, 110° or 360° included
  • Nozzle with two spray patterns (normal and rinse)
  • Flush Timeout - safety shut-off to prevent flooding
  • Can be turned off for 5 min. (eg for cleaning)
  • Low power consumption - Long life
  • IP class sensor, IP67
  • Approved non-return valves, EN-Standard EN1717 

  • Automatic sensor calibration
  • All models can be adapted for either battery 6V or mains operation 12V AC/DC
  • Mains operation requires installation of the AC adapter 729478.AE and power supply 729470, alternatively transformer 729475
  • Soft PEX® hoses with 3/8" connecting nut (stainless steel braided)
  • Hole diameter Ø34-37 mm

  • Programmable detection distance
  • Adjustable flush time
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> Working pressure : 1 to 5 bar

> Flow : 1.9 l/min with integrated flow limiter High quality anti-limescale aerator Anti-water-hammering design

> Hydraulic supply : G 3/8" (12x17)

> Power supply : Integrated 6V CRP2 lithium battery

> Material and colour finish : Injected molded metal body and cover Chrome finishing

> Thermal resistance : Resistant to a temperature of 75°C for 30 minute thermal shocks

> Security : Temperature limiting system to avoid any risk of scalding Anti-overflow security time is set to 30 seconds Anti-blocking system preventing the water to flow continuously

> Delivered with : 1 Brass clamping nut 1 Gasket and 1 Washer 2 PEX Hoses with revolving nuts and NF check valves 2 MM G 3/8" (12x17) Stop valves 2 Filter gaskets 1 Self-adhesive sticker Instruction manual

> Standards & approvals : Molded chrome-plated body in accordance with EN 12540 Brass in accordance with NF EN1982, EN12164, EN12165 200-hour neutral salt spray resistant (NSS) in accordance with NF ISO 9227

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CURVE series electronic basin mixer with infrared sensor and fixed high spout. Battery operated

Technical features


High tap (fixed) with spout H=250 mm, projection 200 mm

Mechanical mixing with side lever

Infrared sensor with activation on presence detection

Vandal proof stop after 1 min of continuous flow

Automatic anti-legionella water flow every 24h after last use

Long-life 6V lithium battery (220,000 cycles)

Sealed battery box for installation under basin

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