Universaalne hoidja, Folding Utility Shelf

Tootekood: B-287
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Easily installed on toilet partition or wall. Type 304 stainless steel, satin finish. Pull-down shelf returns to upright position when not in use. Supports 100 lbs (45.36 kg) when properly installed. Shelf 14 1⁄2" long, 5 3⁄4" wide (370 x 145mm).


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Wall mounted mobile device holder shall have a type 304 stainless steel front with satin finish. Back plate shall be type 304 stainless steel. Inside cradle and hook shall be 304 stainless steel. Back plate shall mount onto wall with stainless steel, sheet metal screws. Front plate including cradle shall be mounted onto back plate and secured in place with threaded posts. Front hook shall be installed onto threaded posts and secured with set screws for theft resistance. Glued rubber bands at back plate and cradle prevent the laptop or other devices against unintended slide out of the article
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