Tila seinast, 87 mm, seina paksus 200-300mm

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Tila seinast, 87 mm, seina paksus 20-30cm


> Working pressure :

1 to 5 bar

> Flow :

Full flow straightener
Water flow depending on the chosen tapware

> Functionality :

Wall-mounted chrome-plated brass spout without water retention

> Hydraulic supply :

M G 1/2" (15x21) with threaded spigot for cross-partition installation from 200 to 300mm

> Thermal resistance :

Resistant to a temperature of 75°C for 30-minute-thermal-shocks

> Delivered with :

1 suitable gasket 1 rose
1 flow straightener 1 nut

> Standards & approvals :

Brass body and component in accordance with EN 1982/CC754S, NF EN 12164/CW614N, NF EN 12165/CW617N Molded chrome-plated body in accordance with EN 12540
200-hour neutral salt spray resistant (NSS) in accordance with ISO 9227


Sarnased tooted

1/2" väliskeere

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AUM 026 INV is a stainless steel, partly wall-built in washbasin, containing the combination of a liquid soap dispenser, water tap and hand dryer in a small space. The washbasin is adjusted to be used also by wheelchair persons – it is shallow, completed with handles, the waste is hidden behind the wall. Controlled by durable piezo-pushbuttons, electronically controlled turn-off (the period of water running is settable by the owner). The washbasin is to be mounted through the wall, all technology components are behind the wall, and thus cannot be damaged by users (anti-vandal design).

A wall-hanged version may be supplied to order, or a version without any of the functions (e.g. onlz water plus soap, or water plus dryer). The washbasin is made of AISI 304 stainless steel. A recommended cleaning agent for stainless products maintenance: Würth – preservation (order no. 0893 121 K), cleaning (order no. 893 121 1).

Basic technical information
Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz
IP protection: IP 55
Dimensions (visible from outside): 800 x 800 x 363 mm
Required thickness of wall: min. 100 mm
Outlet: d = 40 mm
Requirements for setting up the construction
  1. Opening in the wal 740 x 740 mm
  2. Prepared el. supply cable 3C x 1,5 s 230 V, 50 Hz
  3. Prepared water outlet according to technical scheme
Complete delivery
  • Stainless-steel washbasin with handles
  • Electronic hand dryer
  • Electronic soap dispenser
  • Electronic water tap
  • Through-wall frame with bolts
  • Waste with a stink trap
  • 230V / 12V source for the electronics
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Varuosa Presto dushile , eelsegatud paneel 27401 

Presto membraanid komplekt DL400S (5tk) vana tüüp kandiline nupp

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