Prügikast välitingimustele ARKEA WOOD 2x60L Kollane -Ultramarine

Tootekood: RO-56368
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Tarneaeg: 14-21 päeva
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ARKEA prügikast 2x60 L

25 kg

Dimension: 528x440x1015



Dust-bin of wooden frontage Rossignol. 2 flows 2x60 liters for the sorting of paper and plastic / metal waste. 
The rubbish bins of the Arkea 2X60L range encourage selective sorting. 
They are in harmony with the green spaces. 
The bin exists in several colors and with ashtray. 
This model: wood, rape yellow RAL 1021 and ultramarine blue RAL 5002. 
For paper and plastic / metal waste. 


Anti-corrosion treated steel. 
Powder coated steel. 
Wood version: facade with slats treated "autoclave": wood certified "Class 4" (without maintenance). 
2 plates fixed on the facades for identification of the sorting. 
Easy opening by tilting the front panel forward. 
The stirrups facilitate the positioning and removal of the bag. 
Fixation in 4 points on the ground. 
Reduced opening to limit the introduction of bulky objects. 
Delivered with stickers to be placed on the facades (French / English texts). 
Bag of 110 liters. 
Dimension: 528x440x1015
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