Dushikardina puu laekinnitus 500mm Cavere Carbon must

Tootekood: NB-7382050091
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Tarneaeg: 14-21 päeva
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Cavere Ceiling support 7382050, L = 500mm

ength 500mm, 6mm dia.,
made of aluminium, scratch-resistant powder coating with antibacterial protection (except 091 carbon black), available in Cavere colours for connection thread to rail 20mm dia. to upper edge of shower curtain rail ceiling support with axial fixing screw, can be shortened, concealed screw fixing.

Supplied with 6mm dia x 70mm stainless steel Torx screws and plugs for solid masonry.

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Cavere Shower curtain rail 7382110, 1100mm

c1/c2 = 1100mm, 20mm dia., with 19 curtain rings
adjustable length to suit all requirements, made of Aluminium, scratch-resistant powder coating with antibacterial protection, available in the Cavere® colour range, incl. Nylon curtain rings in colour 16, 19, 67. Wall connection with axial fixing screw, supplied with 6mm dia. x 70mm stainless Torx screws and plugs for solid masonry. Ceiling support to be ordered separately. Nylon curtain rings can be ordered separatly and in Normbau nylon colour range.

Tootekood: NB7382110091 ,   Tarneaeg: 14-21 päeva
192,00 €
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