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Presto CHEF professionaalne köögisegisti ref.70800

Tootekood: P70800
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Ref: 70800 - Deck-mounted mixer – upward spout


Resistant to intensive use
Reinforced body / spout interface with double sliding bearings: no play and high endurance Robust spout: 22 mm in diameter
Ergonomic and robust control: easy grip
Robust mixing handle - possibility to install it laterally (installation flexibility)
Hygiene: spout with smooth interior
Product design
Ease of cleaning
High spout to let large containers pass
Ease of maintenance: availability of all spare parts
Flow straightener to channel water and avoid lateral water splashes


Single-lever deck-mounted mixer with spout above
360 ° swivel spout, 250 mm projection, height under spout 276 mm, diameter 22 mm. Spout thickness: 1.5 mm. Ceramic cartridge
Interchangeable anti-tartar flow straightener

> Recommended working pressure:

1 to 5 bars

> Flow rate:

25L / min at 38°C at 3 bar

> Hydraulic supply:

G 1/2 '' (15x 21)

> Material and color of finish:

Chromed brass body and spout Material compliant with the "UBA" list

> Thermal resistance :

Withstands a temperature of 75 ° C for 30 minutes (as part of thermal shock).

> Delivered with :

1 fixing bracket
2 PEX flexible hoses with stainless steel braided nut G1 / 2 '' Lg 660 mm with non-return valves NF 2 filters

> Option:

Possibility of adding an extension sold separately, facilitating the passage of large containers

> Standards and approvals:

Chromed brass body compliant with standards NF EN1982 / NF EN 12164 / NF EN 12165 Nickel-Chrome surface treatment according to NF EN12540
Resistance to neutral salt spray (NSS): 200 h according to NF ISO 9227

Sarnased tooted


Köögisegisti, sisaldab X-ChangeTMühendust

  • Artikli number 6509774
  • Viimistlused Kroom/must, Kroom
  • Standardfunktsioonid 
  • Keraamiline tööorgan.
  • Põletuskaitsega
  • Veesäästu funktsioon Eco-Save.
  • Pööratava jooksutoru peaga.
  • Külm start.
  • Pööratav jooksutoru.
  • 120° pöördepiiraja.
  • Kummiaeraator – lihtne puhastada.


Tootekood: D6509774 ,   Tarneaeg: 7 päeva
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244,00 €

Kangsegisti keraamilise töörganiga

Kahes suuna pööratava jooksutoruga.

Paigaldusava:42mm, jooksutorule: 22mm


Tootekood: Q590-40 ,   Tarneaeg: 2-4 nädalad
1788,00 €


Three-hole mixer combination consisting of ¼ turn ceramic stop valves S50D + S50DH, swivel spout 090H with water saving aerator, 2 pcs. 60 mm circular flanges 001. 
Inlet/Outlet: ½". 
Hole cut out size, valves: 30 mm. 
Hole cut out size, spout: 22 mm.
Tootekood: QKV15-40 ,   Tarneaeg: 2-4 nädalad
1572,00 €

Mora Cera Duo Miniprofi

Mora CeraDuo miniprofi brings the benefits from a professional restaurant kitchen to your private home. The sensor function makes the mixer more hygienic aswell as watersaving and environmentalfriendly. A convenient cleaning mode, and a removable nozzle with two spray-modes are included. Mora Cera Duo miniprofi makes your life in the kitchen easier, more environmentalfriendly and best of all- more good looking.


Technical information & spareparts

  • ESS (energy saving system)
  • Ceramic cartridge with soft closing function
  • Swivel spout, limitation part for 60°, 85°, 110° or 360° included
  • Nozzle with two spray patterns (normal and rinse)
  • Flush Timeout - safety shut-off to prevent flooding
  • Can be turned off for 5 min. (eg for cleaning)
  • Low power consumption - Long life
  • IP class sensor, IP67
  • Approved non-return valves, EN-Standard EN1717 

  • Automatic sensor calibration
  • All models can be adapted for either battery 6V or mains operation 12V AC/DC
  • Mains operation requires installation of the AC adapter 729478.AE and power supply 729470, alternatively transformer 729475
  • Soft PEX® hoses with 3/8" connecting nut (stainless steel braided)
  • Hole diameter Ø34-37 mm

  • Programmable detection distance
  • Adjustable flush time
Tootekood: FMO-242402 ,   Tarneaeg: 14-21 päeva
774,00 €

Deck-mounted single hole mixer - 45 lpm 
Ref. 5640T2

Deck-mounted single hole mixer with swivelling, tubular spout Ø 22mm H. 195mm L. 200mm. 
Star-shaped flow straightener.
Water-free, guided valve heads with reinforced mechanisms. 
Shock-resistant, ergonomic ball levers. 
Flow rate 45 lpm at 3 bar. 
Full flow rate achieved within first 90°. 
Spout with smooth interior. 
Chrome-plated brass body and spout. 
Reinforced fixing via two stainless steel rods. 
F3/8" PEX flexibles. 

Tootekood: DE-5640T2 ,   Tarneaeg: 7-14 päeva
396,00 €