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Delabie composite Inva Valamu segistiavaga MINERALCAST PMR L785 d35mm

Tootekood: DE-132306
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Tarneaeg: 14-21 päeva
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Wall mounted MINERALCAST PMR washbasin 
Ref. 132306

Wall-mounted washbasin, 785 x 545 x 150mm.
With integral side grips, can be used to support user or as a towel rail.
Sleek and fluid lines.
MINERALCAST: a composite material consisting of natural minerals and polyester resin.
Suitable for use in public and commercial places and the healthcare sector.
Shallow washbasin ideal for people with reduced mobility.
Uniform, non-porous surface is easy to clean.
One-piece pressed washbasin, seam-free, for easy maintenance and better hygiene.
Warm to the touch.
With Ø 35mm central tap hole.
Without overflow.
Supplied with fixing elements.
White, RAL 9016.
Weight: 21.5 kg.


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SECURITHERM EP BIOSAFE pressure-balancing basin mixer  
Ref. 26216EP

SECURITHERM basin mixer H. 95mm L. 110mm with pressure balancing.
No spout: BIOSAFE hygienic outlet integrated into the body.
Anti-scalding safety: HW flow rate is reduced if CW supply fails.
Securitouch thermal insulation prevents burns.
Ø 35mm ceramic cartridge with pressure balancing.
Pre-set maximum temperature limiter.
Thermal shocks are possible without removing the control lever or shutting off the cold water supply.
Body with smooth interior and very low water volume (reduces bacterial development).
Flow rate limited to 4 lpm at 3 bar.
Solid control lever.
Mixer without pop-up waste.
Reinforced fixing via two stainless steel rods.
Supplied with copper tails and Ø 15mm stopcocks.



SECURITHERM EP BIOSAFE pressure-balancing basin mixer  
Ref. 26216EP

Connector M1/2"
Height 180mm
Length 220mm
Drop height 95mm
Spout length 110mm
Flow rate 4 lpm
Temperature limiter 41°C
Finish Chrome-plated brass
Tootekood: DE-26216EP ,   Tarneaeg: 14-21 päeva
390,40 €
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